February 17, 2005

Ending of Gatsby

I hated the ending of this book, yet at the same time i loved it, and that;s what i found odd most of all. I think it was unfair that Gatsby had to die for something that Tom did, yet at the sametime...it shows the cruel reality of todays world. I know now what makes this novel a classic and i think its the brilliant ending. If this would had been a tipical girl meets boy and falls in love with boy story. The ending would had turned out both predictable and sappy.

Gatsby would had ended marrying Daisy or something along the lines of that, Tom would had gotten shot and killed, they would had all moved on Gatsby mansion and everything would had been peachy ever after. This ending however shows you the cruel and twisted side of human nature....love for Daisy at least in my prespective was not good enough, if it would had been she would had never left with Tom for Europe after Gatsby died, or at least she would have had the decency to at least attend to the funeral.

Also if gatsby wouldn't had died we would had never seen the character of his father being introduced, we would had never had a chance to see what Gatsby was really feeling or thinking, its not till death that we really egt to know Gatsby. What he was feeling, what he was thinking, also i think it was intresting to see that in the funeral rearely anybody attended. Its the hypocresy again, how his house was always filled every night because of parties and food and music and yet to know that he was always alone, that he never had any real friends, that in his final moments on earth, less than a handful of people where there to console him, to give their final respect, most of them imcluding "the love of his life".

A stranger Nick, is the only person that decides to tell the story. I loved this book and at the sametime i hated it, but i hated the harsh reality that it talks about and that we all have to live with, in its essence i now believe that it is a masterpiece.

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