February 25, 2005

Fly into the Night

When i first read this poem in my intro to lit Studies class i thought little or nothing of it, it just seemed so surreal to me, like it was just a long babble or a train of throught that had been written down and had lttle or no meaning. When we discussed it esterday however, it became clear to me that despite the allusion that many people believe it was about, it also had other clear allusions to it.

It not only can be interpreted as how a woman can be a man's downfall (as mermaid can be a sailor.) But he also brings in an imagery of time. As if perhaps he's really dedicating this poem to his life and how he sees death closing by. let us fly away you and i could be nterpreted as his soul, finally leaving his body and flying away to heaven. Pillows and shawls always makes me remember of how in a funeral home dead bodies always rest in pollows and they are dressed up with either garmetts or shawls. White hands with bracelets on them, wite lifeless soft hands of a body.

This made me realize the significance of poetry and it shocks me how i've never thought to notice it before, poetry unlike a short stoy can be interpreted in many different ways, it also has a magic to it, an allusion of beauty, as if where a quick dream or a spell. At first i thought this poem refered to a stream of conciousness, then i saw it as a love epid, as a love poem and then finally as a call to death.

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