March 15, 2005


I think this was a fantastic play, i became so entangles in the story i almost forgot i was reading, i saw it more as i was watching a movie or a life situation enraveling before my eyes. I know it would had make a better play and it encaptures the audience, but i also think that its my personal opinion that the reason why i loved it was because it was kinda brutaly realistic.

It was sad and unfair to see Blanche taken away in the end because her sister could not believe that her husband raped her. I also saw unlike the other plays a more developed personality than in the other plays. As you go along reading you can tell that Blanche's character is very complex, because she has everybody fooled in the begining. You would never think of her as a person that was madly going through an emotional downspiral because of men and then finally fell into one in the end aas she tried despreatly to run away from the awful past that life handed to her.

When i finished this play i was mad at almost all men, because it was Standley fault that she got comited, Standley raped her, he was foul and evil and nasty...and he got away with it. He ruins her relationship between her and Mich, ruins probably her only chance on hapiness and a happy life and dosen't even flinch at his cold and unmeaninful decisions. But most importamntly he is a character that is disrespectful and mean to all women. he hits his own wife, throws his plates on the floor, talks down to Blanche and Stella and is blindly unawear or unitrested in their oppinions or even their feelings on certain situations.

Yet you also have to see it on the other scale, Blanche lied to everyone, not to cause anybody deliberate pain, but to avoid herself of unesesary perhaps judging and disaproval. And in the begining of the play i really didn't like Blanche because i though of her prissy and stuck up and the end of it, i began to feel sorry for her, because it wasn;t her fault that everything had to go deliberately wrong on her life again just for a few bad choices. Most people see her ways of thinking and acting as prissy illusions in which she drove herself to madness, i saw it as despreate attemps for a woman to escape a cruel and heartbreaking reality.

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