April 13, 2005


By the second chapter of this book i was sold, i liked this book because not only could i identify wit it right out, having a Puerto Rican in it and all, but because it was an intresting subject. Here we have in the fourties, where the racial segregation issues where still a major issue. Here we have a troup of black man, hispanic men, white men trying to coexist and fight as one. trying to look pass prejudice, past hate to fight something that was bigger than America at that moment and their problems.

the fact that there was a puerto rican in this book only peeked my intrest in the war even more. it made me realize how big this war really was, although we ae a theritory as a puertorican i always felt very disconected from the states. even when 9/11 happened i felt like i was away from the tragety, i felt sorry for it, i was concerned, but i didnt see it as something that involed us and many people felt the same way. Now wit this book i could in someway feel the impact that the world had along the world, even tho hugo was frm Harlem it broght to me the notion that even tho we r not a state, we r a territory and we r at least in some extent american and what happens to that soil should hurt uus just as or as deeply as it does them.

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That is such a cool way of looking at this story. I liked how even though they were pretty much hung out to dry, this little band of soliders were able to connect with the italians and give them a better understanding of the peole they were told diferntly of . I can see how you would feel disconnect from 9/11, yet is is nice to see you starting to connect through a great story, and the knowledge that you can be of any race and be a powerful person in history.

Posted by: Tammy Roberts at April 13, 2005 9:44 PM
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