April 20, 2005

The Bull of Symbolism

Yet again here is another story about Foster that was yet very hard to understand. I tought it intrestig though, i guess it had something at least remotely to do with classes and the fact that M

I also thought a lot about the dream she has in the begining, when she sees a cow or a monster eating her house, her walls everything around her but the Greenleafs. I think that is a foreshadowing for the ending. Because the Bull, although he dosent technically eat her kills her and with her gone there is nobody else to take care of the farm, but Mr. greenleaf, this is thanks to the fact that MRs. May's boys although one is an "intelectual" and the other one "an insurance salesman" really wouldn't care less if the farm goes under, because they are spoiled and lazzy. While Mr. Grenleafs children in the other hand alue the land and are doing the best they can to be hard workers and live comfortable lives with their families. They unlike MRs. mays childen value hard work and this is due to the fact that most of them know what it is to come from very poor means.

In the story i actually feel sorry for Mrs. may, because you can tell she's a woman that has worked hard for her farm, her house and her cows all by herself and now thanks to age and a twisted event evolving fate she would loose it all, to man that worked under her to help it built it.

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