April 20, 2005

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

The short story "your Ugly, too" although it seemed for familiar to me was hard for me to understand i think harder than any of the three. It seems like Zoe in the party is not intrested in love, not at least in finding it anyway because she dsent even give poor Earl the time of day. yet at the sametime, she seems preocupied enough to go to the bathroom and remove the hairs from her chin before she does anything else.

Zoe seems to me like a character who has everything that she wants, and at the sametime is realizing that those are not the things that are trully making her fullfilled. Like with her house, she mentions that her parents are pround that she;s the first one to own real estate, yet at the sametime complains that the house is too big and she feels like she's just wondering from room to room, and she hasn't even got the energy to decorate it propperly.

Her job in the University althought better than the one she had in New geneva thankfully because she dosen't have to be a Heidi here, has made her awfully sarcastic. In fact her tecaher evaluations are not good and even she herself pictures half of the time just coming in and singing all the words to the king and I.

but what striked me the most really was that rather than tell anybody she knew or as related to her about her possible tumor, she tells Earl, a man she has hardly had one conversation with. i guess i found it kinda confussing...can any one of you tell me if they inderstood?

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