May 2, 2005

The Coldness of the Gloved Hand

It was easy for me to relate to this story Wit because both my parents are doctors and i could relate real good to the medical terminology in it. Not only was the terminology something that i wold easyly relate too.
But if there was something that i could relate even more was the cold protocol that the patient Vivien recieved in her stay in the Oncology ward. I know what it is to have to treat patients like if they are lab rats, because the truth is the emotional pain that the doctors recieve when they see a human being in pain forces them to become cold and distance and see people like they are nothing but protocol.
Its sad to see that the teacher who once prefered to handle things profecionally surrendered to the emotional sde of things, when she encountered herself in her streneous battle for cancer, craving more affection and support than the own quimothrapy that was saving her.
i think the most emotional part of this book was when they did a DNR and they tried to resucitate her anyways.
For what has been explain to me, recicitating a person is a traumatic experience, its a struggle for life,it would had been very emotional to have seen this happen, to have a person stripped of her dignity, and her right for a peaceful natural death. I think this book however shows doctors as just mad scientist that wanted to dset her and study her like she was nothing but a dead frog in biology class than what doctors these days truly are. Profecionals that dedicate most of their time and efford finding clues for those diseases which still affect and take many of our loved ones year after year, specifically cancer and aids.
Throught it all i think this was a very touching book that brought a lot of human nature, human emotion and the effect of it in our lives quickly into the light and showed us that there are matters bigger than science and a disease when it comes to a patient, there is always that driving force of love...may we dare name it humanity.

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