May 2, 2005

The Pick up Ax

i didn't understood this play at all, basically because my own experience with technology its so poor, mostly didn't even get the dialouge, but besides that i didn;t enjoyed it mostly because i didn't like how it truned out in the end at all. In this play we see betrayal from a friend to another friend over a power position.

Yet once you read it you can see why this play can make you understamd the concept that it brings the thing line that enwtwines the bond between power and friendship. i was hurt but at the sametime facinated by it, and it brought to mind another similar play in which betrayal is also the main outcome "E tu Brutus" comes to mind and the death of julious ceasar how friends and power can become deadly combinations and how can an execution, (In this play of course it was less violent) but of course the final outcome of him actually Axing his friend out of the picture gives us of curse something in which we can talk about.

Also the concept of the machine program, the dueling dragon thing and how he used those skills to actually aplly them to the real world and with that literaly managing to beat everybody in its or hers own game was something that really called on my attention. How he uses something that he was just so good at and uses those skills to get ahead in life is a clear example o self preservation and survial skills. Which brings us of course to the conclution that perhaps we human beings arent diverting too far from the fact that we are but animals adapting to an age in which now we have machines to do our savage work for us instead of having to go about and do it ourselves.

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