May 2, 2005

The Diamond Age

this book was long and hard and i guess i didn;t like it because perhaps basically technology is not at all that intresting to me but if feel that even though i didn't understand much of the technological terms or sequence in them, i did got the bare essence of the book and i do feel that, this is in at least the least for of degree at least lightly menaingful.

I loved the character of little Nell and how she developed with the primer, i think that was what i liked most about the story Nell's interaction with the primer and how the book opened her eyes to a world in which she learned and explored things. i think that was one of my favorite parts in the book, the scene that Nell sits with the primer and starts touching the buttons in the screen. i think this was overall my favorite part because i could relate to it so well. I pictured it perfectly, Nell in that old broken down house, with this new intresting piece of material in her hand and she touched its buttons and she felt the interaction with computers, but most importantly with education The primer was more than just book, it was a tool in which she learned everything survival skills, how to socialize, how to flirt. and how to become the woman that she was meant to become.

I think there is also a previous scene in this book in which Nell tries to work the MC for the first time to make a matress for her dolls and finds herself not able to understand the characters, yet the primer not oly shows her what to do its open interaction as he talks to her. i think this is meaningful in the fact that the primer was not just a piece of machine that just played with Nell, but we could also see it with the qualities of a mentor a teacher, a playmate or a parent.

the scene about the buttons also made me think of another scene in another story which i also found quite moving and that was in the machine stops, in which the mother unlike societies values shows her humanity and her love for her son as she fondly remembers tecahing him how to press buttons when he was a little boy. But mostly i like the character of Nell because its a character that retains its innocence through almost full course of the story.i think that nell's innocence is more symbolic to me than what it is absurd and anoying for other people. because it goes again with the idea that in order to survive in the world you always have to be tough.

You can tell that in Nell's world at least which was a very futuristic world in which our same society problems still exist,(even perhaps in some cases worse) because some chracters even have 'guns on their skull. and she was a character that didn't live a what we can say a shelteredlife, she was from a very young age exposed to very terrible things, and it is thanks to the primer that she is able to overcome most of them, but i think that my making her character innocent and childlike you can still preserve that notion that even through a world of pain, a childhood of grievances, you can still preserve your innocence.

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