May 4, 2005

Foster and Symbols 2

The Other chapters on Foster where very good as well, i liked the one in which they compared flying and Symbolism basically because i love the fact that they mentioned Gabriel Garcia Marquez in that section and i do feel like he is one of my favorite writters.

the truth about it was that i myself found his story about the angel "An Old Man with very Big Wings" as something different and worthy of a deeper analysis. I like the fact that although the comparison with an angel is very apparent you realy dont get the vibe like the old man that fell from the sky was an angel at all, although through the whole story he dosen''t speak and when he does he speaks in a foreing tounge or a loud mummbled scream yet he is able to understand the people that are around him.

I also like the term that flying means liberation or freedom, basicaly because the first vision that i get when somebody mentions the word flying, or freedom i think instinctively of a bird and is easily to catch that symbolism in most of the stories like in that great book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" the seagulls quest for becoming a better flier and disconecting from the other seagulls, bring towards me not just the concept of flying, but also it instills the notion that freedom comes with the desire of wanting to do better for yourself. i liked this chapter a lot it made me philosophical even in my blog.

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