September 28, 2004

The Dangers of Self-Enslaverment

(I had a small but heated debate with my cousing one afternoon, and we both agreed that it was the most facinating conversation we had in ages, we thought it was very philosophical, 'we tought' i decided to blog on some of the facts that we concluded on.)

i don't believe in peer preasure, but if there is something that i do believe in is that often society influence us in ways in which we should live our lives. I'm not saying that the way in which society molds us is a danger, just that the real danger comes from the limitations and insecurities that its effects causes in withing ourselves.

For example, throughout most of my life i was taught by my parents to think for myself, yet at the same time society has culturally influenced me to think of everybody else's needs before mine. Now, i don't think its an awful thing to think of others, it was and is the comon ground towards becoming a conciderate human being. In fact its teachings like: "Don't do anything stupid if its going to hurt other people", "don't do anything that'll embarass your family", "don't do anything that will make others incline to talk and mock", "watch your step. and watch carefully what kind of actions that i did affected those around me." that has help me evolve in the person i've become today.

But still, there is something about that, and about all other influences that perhaps challenge us in many ways, i cannot picture myself pleasing everyone around me, and i know personally of some people that spend their lives doing so and are miserable because of it. Its good to think of others, but its compleately another thing to sacrifise your entire life into doing so. Some people want to go through the rules and please so much that they 'enslave' their lives in doing what it is expected of them to do. I believe in the saying, you have to do what you want to do for you and then think of others feelings while your doing it.

Yet saying it is easy, practicing it is the hardest thing in the world, i wish with all my heart i could make everybody happy and in the process make myself happy as well. i don't want to sacrifisse my life, but i don't want to be inconciderate and selfish either. In life you need to find the propper balance bewteen compromissing and demanding. You need to keep reminding yourself of this all the time, you have to stay you for you, and be you for everyone else that loves you...
(I don't know what else to add, if you have comments please feel welcome to share them, i will love to hear people's opinions on this.)

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September 24, 2004

Birthday Wishes: Love, Peace and Pretty Things

Yeah, today was my birthday, it was weird and nice all at the same time, weird bacause it was the first birthday celebration away from both my family and the island...but nice because it was peaceful and not to much fuss was made about it, but all in all i got exactly what i wished for.

The day started out peacefully, i got cards from a few people in my floor and everything seemed (although never perfect) into a small categogry of (managable) situations that made the morning and even most of the afternoon fairly pleasant and relaxing. Even the classes seemed lighter, although that could had been just me, because nobody else that i spoke to seemed to think so.

I spend the whole day thinking about how good and cheerful i was feeling and my mood improved even more when later in the evening i got a call from a few of my friends in the island congratulating me. It made me homesick and glad at the sametime, most were not proud of how old i was but of me being the brave pionner, who although the youngest of my friends made it to United States and to college and i seem to be surviving at the process. I even got a present from back home, but the post ofice closed before i could recieve it, so i'll just get up extra early tomorrow before my classes and go fetch it.

All in all, i think it turned out to be...the most unique and terribly ordinary ceremony to comnemorate my eighteen years of existance...well, see ya later.

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September 22, 2004

The Greater Evil

I've been thinking for awhile to post a coment stating whether dowloading free music from the internet is evil or not, surely i know its not a 'god given right' to have my free music, but i disagree terribly with the fact of having to buy a brand new eighteen dollar CD that only has two good songs in it anyways.

I mean if anything its unfair that these artist (that are already rich) are getting even richer by doing shoddy work in their albums. i would agree to spend money in a CD when i'm sure that all the tracks in it are worth listening to, and when i also know that it was a god hardworking production, not something that they just placed together in the last minute so they could buy their gucci belts.

Now if you think i'm all forward to downloading free music, i'm not, i don't agree in stealing and although sometimes i get angry with some artists and their snobery, at least for me it never feels right to take something that i know i shouldn't be doing, (not to mention i can get procecuted for it.) So in the end i guess i can only say that if there could be a mutual agreement that would satisfy both the artist and the consumer, everything could be solved more amicably.

All i can say for now is i know tons of people that don't and wont buy an album until they are sure its worth listening too, and for that they believe that they are compeating against what semms to be the greater evil...

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September 17, 2004

Encounter with the Evil Dr. Flu

The most intresting thing that has happened to me so far this week, (is no more intresting that what it is depressing,) has been my encounter with the likes of the comon but nevertheless chestbreaking flu. Now i know many people must be asking themselves "Well...what so special about that, plenty of us got it too,"

Well, have i forgotten to mention that i've never gotten "The Flu" before in my life and it seems that since my inmunity is not yet quite developed this evil, evil little virus has found a way to evily stick with me, giving me fevers and coughing spells just when i think i've gotten over it. For the past three days i don't know if i've gotten better or worse, i've tried everything to built inmunity including advice in taking orange juice, cold pills, heating pads and even the old fashion "watch and see what happens reaction", but nothing has changed...

I've cursed myself for not building this inmunity before i got here, most of the people that i know that had it (and contaged me with it.) Are doing fine by now...even people from the island had gotten it already and don't need to worry about it. I've even found myself asking why do i have the shot for the ebola, dengue, malaria and yellow fever if its not going to help me at all with a simple thing like this, i could probably survive without struggle in the jungles of Africa or South America, but one drizziling afternoon that i brilliantly decided to step out my dorm without a sweater on has ruined what seemed to be a perfectly good week.

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September 15, 2004

Ok lets see, i guess I should start by saying that I love writing, But when i mean love, i mean an obsesive almost stalker and victim kind of love. I always wanted to be a writer, and for as long as i can remember i've always carried a notebook with me and scribbled incohearent little nonesense on it making up little characters and stories and plots.

Though I never found out why, i never liked to write in spanish, i did try once...but it was horrible and although i'm still a bit inclined to scribble a little here and there once in awhile i never give it much mind. Its a difficult language to express yourself in, although it is my native one and i love it dearly.

I guess now that's one of the reasons why i've always wanted to study abroad, irronically i love to write in English. Back home it would had been difficult to do that without encountering discouragement, so here i am...

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September 08, 2004

Across a Sea

I've been thinking for days what would seem an appropriate topic to start my weblog with, after awhile it came to me. Rather than just starting by writing randomly about a subject, I should really begin this by talking about myself.

Ok, here it goes...

Coming here from the island was like arriving to a different world, it was exiting, terryfying and new, I felt and still feel like I'm lost in this unique and complex world that knows no boundaries and holds inmense possibility. I'm still trying to get to use to the enviroment here (the crazy weather) and the culture that surrounds me.

But all in all, i must also say, that whenever i feel intimidated, confused, alone or homesick, i beging to think about that moment in the airplane, (when i dared to look through the window) and watch silently the inmense sea that stood in between both worlds. I realized then and now as I stand here, that the biggest obstacle to face has already been crossed, and it wasn't even difficult so much as challenging, the rest is up to me, what comes next must be frightening and challenging....

-But i'm glad to be here

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