January 30, 2005

Fire and Snow

After reading this story and chapter ten on Foster's manual, i came to the conclusion that this story focusses on many things (But mainly what stood out to me.) Was the coldness and unexperience of the human nature. I saw the snow as if simbolizing man's indiference to nature, to both that nature around him and his own.
It shows the absolute selfishness of man and its cluelessness as well. In the story i saw the character as a man who was trying to outwit the elements around him, thinking, no more specificaly he was certain that his knowledge would outwit the great power of nature itself....he found himself not only proven to be unsuccesful, but also seen as an ignorant, naive being despite all his knowledge.
The dog was a figure of both loyalty and a repesentation of the animal side inside him that he chose to ignore one could even say even his humane side. It was the animal the one who felt the coldness and the fear that he chose to ignore, it was the animal that respected and understood the elements that where taking place around him, in conclution it was the dog "the beast" who held the true knogledge on that voyage, that understood and could perseeve at the sametime unlike its owner.

I also saw the snow as the absence of life, spirit and self, doom and desolation. The fire, the warmth both life and salvation.

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January 26, 2005

"A Good Man?"

Well first of all the story "A Good Man is Hard to Find" was a bit confusing in the end, in fact it wasn't till i think the third time that i read over it that "i think' i might had gotten the nature of the story. For what i saw the nature of the story was pretty dark and the tittle "A good man is hard to find" could possibly be the understatement of the century.

But if there was a fact that i did find intresting and that stood up in my head as i read was that throuhout the story neither "Bailey" the son nor his wife ever dirrectly talk to the grandmother or so much as acknogledge her precense as she talk durring the car ride. the only ones that have a dirrect exhange of conversation with the old lady are the children and not until the end are words exchanged between mother and some. "Some not so nice words'

Also i think is irronic that just as the grandmother was ignored when she and the Misfit are having their conversation both Bailey and his wife and the children are ignored as well. Didn't anybody else notice that?, i thought it very intresting


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Reading Between the Lines

What i enjoyed the most in these couple of sections that we read including Foster's work, was the fact that he was analyzing the text or texts in a more deeper level. It was as if tying to read a book did not just include getting into the story or familiarizing with a particular character, but that there is reallly a sort of hidden code in all literature and its up to the reader to find that code and analyze and think far beyond you know general reading comprehension.

I liked his chapter on Vampires, and how sometimes a story that involves monsters and ghost travels behind a different set of ideals and meanings. That Dracula wasn't just about this evil creature that killes and fed of humans but that it was a symbol to describe even society's evils.

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Back to Seton Hill

Although the weather is nothing like what i'm accustomed too (in fact i've learned to encounter myself with what most people refered to as the evil side of snow.) I found that comming back to school and seeing all my friends was a pleasant experience. i found out that its true what most people told me durring my orientation "after the first semester the Hill becomes berable". Why this is true i still don't know, whether it is that we are so cut of from the world we learn to cope with its suroundings, there is something in the mountain that controls people ability to think, or that this is really a good place to be...you be the judge. AshleyThornton Weblog

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