April 29, 2005

Machines and Development

After analysing my thesis properly i decided that it was too broad and general, this presentation is an attempt for me to shorten my ideas and develop a new thesis and topic for my term paper.

Im not a technological oriented person, but it would be a lie to denny or ignore the influence that technology had among us through the outcoming years. All the kids fom our generation where raised in an era in which the nanny was television and the world of videogames was starting to emerge. Machines had dominated our ways of seeing and doing this,and in by doing so in modt cases this had brought toward us a helpful outcome.

But by working with machines and coexisting around them its the common fear that some of that dependence for that piece of machinery had also affected us in many diferent ways, dehumanizig us even, changing our ways thinking with feeling and making us instead begin to think more coldly and analitically, turning us therfore into living machines.

In the novel "The Diamond Age" we could clearly see an example this in the very begining of the story. The contast that it maked when we meet Bud for the first time and he describe getting a new model of his "scull gun". Here we have a character with a gun in his head, a piece of machinery that rest in his head.

We could see this as if this instrument would 'make him have a mind deprived of any human and emotions.' in fact as we meet Budd in the story we do realize that he indeed thinks as a computeried being, functioning with no emotion other than to function doing what he does best which is in his case robbing and terrifying people by using the only means of technology that he has available withing his reach, his 'scull gun". Instead of Bud acting with his concience and emotion he choses to be a 'hardhead' and find other useful more 'effitient' meassures to get ahead and succeed.

Also we see this relationship of a society dehumanized by technology in the story "The Machine Stops." This shows us a society in which everything and everyone is ruled by this giant machine, and how we can symbolize this technology and define it in an almost 'subgod' level, they base their whole society around them, they become like the machine, they only believe in efficiency and perfection. Anything unike in their world is considered forbitten. They had loss their humanity to this piece of metal that they themselves created, yet had become greater than that in the fact, that they had left themselves to be so influence by it, they do not realize, or do and not mind being under its control.

the play "The pick up Ax' is also a good example, in which the world becomes a video game in which only the stronger survive, the character in this story are consumed in their emotional loyalty by technology, bringing again the surface and mentality that only the strongest gets ahead. the vauge but present relationship in which echnology goes in between human emotions and friendship.

Also i would argue the possitive side of technology, the one used as a medium of comunication and development. In "The Diamond Age" however we see the relationship between humans in technology in also a very possitive light,, it was the relationship that Nell developed with the primer and how if it weren't for that tool, that piece of machinery that affected her and influenced her to learn and develop, she would had not overcome certain obsticles and most likely would had ended up like the rest of her family, her father, her brother and all the other low end people that where not worthy of the privi;edge of education and the knowledge of ideas.

And also the desire of Hackword's for a better future for his daughter, and the desire touse his abilities as a programer to achive a possitive "although an illegal purpose of achieving the book."

i dont know if to include and contrast with it another work of literature, from either another class or another writer outside it, maybe articles and outside information. I encourage you all to post coments in my site to see how it can be improved or changed.

-Thank You

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April 20, 2005

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

The short story "your Ugly, too" although it seemed for familiar to me was hard for me to understand i think harder than any of the three. It seems like Zoe in the party is not intrested in love, not at least in finding it anyway because she dsent even give poor Earl the time of day. yet at the sametime, she seems preocupied enough to go to the bathroom and remove the hairs from her chin before she does anything else.

Zoe seems to me like a character who has everything that she wants, and at the sametime is realizing that those are not the things that are trully making her fullfilled. Like with her house, she mentions that her parents are pround that she;s the first one to own real estate, yet at the sametime complains that the house is too big and she feels like she's just wondering from room to room, and she hasn't even got the energy to decorate it propperly.

Her job in the University althought better than the one she had in New geneva thankfully because she dosen't have to be a Heidi here, has made her awfully sarcastic. In fact her tecaher evaluations are not good and even she herself pictures half of the time just coming in and singing all the words to the king and I.

but what striked me the most really was that rather than tell anybody she knew or as related to her about her possible tumor, she tells Earl, a man she has hardly had one conversation with. i guess i found it kinda confussing...can any one of you tell me if they inderstood?

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The Bull of Symbolism

Yet again here is another story about Foster that was yet very hard to understand. I tought it intrestig though, i guess it had something at least remotely to do with classes and the fact that M

I also thought a lot about the dream she has in the begining, when she sees a cow or a monster eating her house, her walls everything around her but the Greenleafs. I think that is a foreshadowing for the ending. Because the Bull, although he dosent technically eat her kills her and with her gone there is nobody else to take care of the farm, but Mr. greenleaf, this is thanks to the fact that MRs. May's boys although one is an "intelectual" and the other one "an insurance salesman" really wouldn't care less if the farm goes under, because they are spoiled and lazzy. While Mr. Grenleafs children in the other hand alue the land and are doing the best they can to be hard workers and live comfortable lives with their families. They unlike MRs. mays childen value hard work and this is due to the fact that most of them know what it is to come from very poor means.

In the story i actually feel sorry for Mrs. may, because you can tell she's a woman that has worked hard for her farm, her house and her cows all by herself and now thanks to age and a twisted event evolving fate she would loose it all, to man that worked under her to help it built it.

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April 13, 2005


By the second chapter of this book i was sold, i liked this book because not only could i identify wit it right out, having a Puerto Rican in it and all, but because it was an intresting subject. Here we have in the fourties, where the racial segregation issues where still a major issue. Here we have a troup of black man, hispanic men, white men trying to coexist and fight as one. trying to look pass prejudice, past hate to fight something that was bigger than America at that moment and their problems.

the fact that there was a puerto rican in this book only peeked my intrest in the war even more. it made me realize how big this war really was, although we ae a theritory as a puertorican i always felt very disconected from the states. even when 9/11 happened i felt like i was away from the tragety, i felt sorry for it, i was concerned, but i didnt see it as something that involed us and many people felt the same way. Now wit this book i could in someway feel the impact that the world had along the world, even tho hugo was frm Harlem it broght to me the notion that even tho we r not a state, we r a territory and we r at least in some extent american and what happens to that soil should hurt uus just as or as deeply as it does them.

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April 01, 2005

McBride's Discussion

The part of the book that i would like to start a discussion on simply bacause it moved me and i think it has a lot to say about the discussion we were having in class on Tuesday, was Chapter 'Black power', pages 35-36. in this part of the book he is explainin he movement of the Black panthers, and as a child in school how he waited for the bus, seeing his mother next to a man who was one and was afraid for his life. i

think this chapter teaches and shows a lot about the conflict n his book, the fear for him to be accepted, the fear of knowing that people knew and saw that his mother was white, that his family was different in a time where race tolerance was stil not fully acccepted. i think is movng because i don't think tha child that age fears for ts parents life over something like that.
Also in the chapter he explains how a neibour of the was a black panther and the childs familiarity with the group and utter and absolute fear. And the confussion of finding himself in the middle of orming an identity that nobody in that period of time had any trouble doing.

It reinded me of a saying that i heard onece that said thatoften mixed children have a prolem defining an identity, because they never know whitch culture to claim as their own, does anybody agree or disagree with this and has this particular passage made them think so?

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