May 04, 2005

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This semester i had some intrested poasting, we read some very diverse stories that both intreguied me and facinated me at the same time, some novels where moving, others where a little hard to comprehend, but through it all i think that i had grown a lot by each work of literature and what it represents.

Like My entry on <u>The Color of Water

<u>Death of a salesman

The Pick Up Ax

The Diamond Age


Miracle on Santa Anna

Machines and develpment

Foster and symbolism

Foster and Symbolism 2

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

The Bull of Symbolism


Analysing Plath

Ode to the River

Poem about my River

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Foster and Symbols 2

The Other chapters on Foster where very good as well, i liked the one in which they compared flying and Symbolism basically because i love the fact that they mentioned Gabriel Garcia Marquez in that section and i do feel like he is one of my favorite writters.

the truth about it was that i myself found his story about the angel "An Old Man with very Big Wings" as something different and worthy of a deeper analysis. I like the fact that although the comparison with an angel is very apparent you realy dont get the vibe like the old man that fell from the sky was an angel at all, although through the whole story he dosen''t speak and when he does he speaks in a foreing tounge or a loud mummbled scream yet he is able to understand the people that are around him.

I also like the term that flying means liberation or freedom, basicaly because the first vision that i get when somebody mentions the word flying, or freedom i think instinctively of a bird and is easily to catch that symbolism in most of the stories like in that great book "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" the seagulls quest for becoming a better flier and disconecting from the other seagulls, bring towards me not just the concept of flying, but also it instills the notion that freedom comes with the desire of wanting to do better for yourself. i liked this chapter a lot it made me philosophical even in my blog.

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Foster and Symbols

I partuculary liked the chapters 16&17 of the Fosters book because it was intresting to see how a story didn;t have to be a story and a symbol or an object could have a more entoned seductive meaning. In a way it made me understand a lot about literatire and the subjestive way the Victorian Era treated taboo terms like sexuality in literature and how many writers of this time found ways to explore this topic while at the sametime trying not to be too...explicit on the content of the book or story.

Yet at the sametime a sense of melancholy filled me as i read this, as i saw most of the descriptions i realized that my idolized notion of the Victorian Literature is not as modern and romantic as i once thought it to be. Like now i can't help to think that the sublime undertones that once made a novel whimsical and romantic where secret undertones to reveal some very explicit and private act between the characters. Like the curtains in the example of the book altho a sweet undertone in the movie are bluntly telling the viewer that the main characters are going at it.

Yet at the same time there where some interpretations of some stories that for me sounded a bit too far fetched at least for me. Like in the story The rocking Horse Winner, personally i read the story and i dont think that the story had any sexual allegory in it and if it did i think that i dont kinda ruinsit for me i guess. i mean i saw it as something sad a boy that was just trying to keep his family together and the death in the rocking horse was a more sacrificial allegory for everybodies else happiness. i dont i will feel the same way about it if it would had been a odepal complex and he was well 'masturbating' to the horse, it sounds a lil too creepy to me.
but the rest seem pretty much on point

nevertheless i liked the other interpretations of the stories, despise the fact that i dont think is possible to catch sexual meanings in all works of literature that we read.

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May 02, 2005

The Diamond Age

this book was long and hard and i guess i didn;t like it because perhaps basically technology is not at all that intresting to me but if feel that even though i didn't understand much of the technological terms or sequence in them, i did got the bare essence of the book and i do feel that, this is in at least the least for of degree at least lightly menaingful.

I loved the character of little Nell and how she developed with the primer, i think that was what i liked most about the story Nell's interaction with the primer and how the book opened her eyes to a world in which she learned and explored things. i think that was one of my favorite parts in the book, the scene that Nell sits with the primer and starts touching the buttons in the screen. i think this was overall my favorite part because i could relate to it so well. I pictured it perfectly, Nell in that old broken down house, with this new intresting piece of material in her hand and she touched its buttons and she felt the interaction with computers, but most importantly with education The primer was more than just book, it was a tool in which she learned everything survival skills, how to socialize, how to flirt. and how to become the woman that she was meant to become.

I think there is also a previous scene in this book in which Nell tries to work the MC for the first time to make a matress for her dolls and finds herself not able to understand the characters, yet the primer not oly shows her what to do its open interaction as he talks to her. i think this is meaningful in the fact that the primer was not just a piece of machine that just played with Nell, but we could also see it with the qualities of a mentor a teacher, a playmate or a parent.

the scene about the buttons also made me think of another scene in another story which i also found quite moving and that was in the machine stops, in which the mother unlike societies values shows her humanity and her love for her son as she fondly remembers tecahing him how to press buttons when he was a little boy. But mostly i like the character of Nell because its a character that retains its innocence through almost full course of the story.i think that nell's innocence is more symbolic to me than what it is absurd and anoying for other people. because it goes again with the idea that in order to survive in the world you always have to be tough.

You can tell that in Nell's world at least which was a very futuristic world in which our same society problems still exist,(even perhaps in some cases worse) because some chracters even have 'guns on their skull. and she was a character that didn't live a what we can say a shelteredlife, she was from a very young age exposed to very terrible things, and it is thanks to the primer that she is able to overcome most of them, but i think that my making her character innocent and childlike you can still preserve that notion that even through a world of pain, a childhood of grievances, you can still preserve your innocence.

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The Pick up Ax

i didn't understood this play at all, basically because my own experience with technology its so poor, mostly didn't even get the dialouge, but besides that i didn;t enjoyed it mostly because i didn't like how it truned out in the end at all. In this play we see betrayal from a friend to another friend over a power position.

Yet once you read it you can see why this play can make you understamd the concept that it brings the thing line that enwtwines the bond between power and friendship. i was hurt but at the sametime facinated by it, and it brought to mind another similar play in which betrayal is also the main outcome "E tu Brutus" comes to mind and the death of julious ceasar how friends and power can become deadly combinations and how can an execution, (In this play of course it was less violent) but of course the final outcome of him actually Axing his friend out of the picture gives us of curse something in which we can talk about.

Also the concept of the machine program, the dueling dragon thing and how he used those skills to actually aplly them to the real world and with that literaly managing to beat everybody in its or hers own game was something that really called on my attention. How he uses something that he was just so good at and uses those skills to get ahead in life is a clear example o self preservation and survial skills. Which brings us of course to the conclution that perhaps we human beings arent diverting too far from the fact that we are but animals adapting to an age in which now we have machines to do our savage work for us instead of having to go about and do it ourselves.

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The American Dream and Death of a Salesman

I think that overall this play shows us the need of the american dream, the desire for this man "Willy" to achieve everyhing he thought his life lacked and yet at the same time take for granded all the things his life already had. It was true he wasn't a good salesman, he didn't lived the kind of life perhaps his brother did, and its true that perhaps he struggled each day to make ends meet. But he had a wife that loved him, two sons that whre healthy and strong...if he would had taken that into concidration and be happy not with what he could had achieved but with what he did, his life would had been much happier, perhaps the ending more favorable for him.

Willy not only managed to take for granted what he had, he also did things to ruin them even more, like the affair he has with the other woman in the road, knowing full well that his wife Linda loves him to piece and would give up the world for him. Its because of this affair also that his relationship with his son Bif deteriorates and he finds himself relieving memories of both guilt and shame because of it. he has illusion about nostalgia of the life he once had, but the truth is once you look at what life he had years ago, you see it was no more magical, or special or true than the one he is living now. He's hoplesly clinging back onto something that clearly dosent exist and nobody else knows about it than him.

Above all i think this play not only teaches us abut ourselves, but it also specifies that the american dream is not simply being the best, is not having a car bigger than your neighbour or being more succesful, or having your kid beat the parkers kid in a spelling bee, or in football. Its being happy with who you are and with what you have compleated wheather or not you feel that you deserve more or not should not even be an issue. True happiness, comes from satisfaction of knowing you did what you had to do and you acomplished it fully, this is why i think this is one of the most thoughtful plays i had the priviledge to read in a very long time.

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The Coldness of the Gloved Hand

It was easy for me to relate to this story Wit because both my parents are doctors and i could relate real good to the medical terminology in it. Not only was the terminology something that i wold easyly relate too.
But if there was something that i could relate even more was the cold protocol that the patient Vivien recieved in her stay in the Oncology ward. I know what it is to have to treat patients like if they are lab rats, because the truth is the emotional pain that the doctors recieve when they see a human being in pain forces them to become cold and distance and see people like they are nothing but protocol.
Its sad to see that the teacher who once prefered to handle things profecionally surrendered to the emotional sde of things, when she encountered herself in her streneous battle for cancer, craving more affection and support than the own quimothrapy that was saving her.
i think the most emotional part of this book was when they did a DNR and they tried to resucitate her anyways.
For what has been explain to me, recicitating a person is a traumatic experience, its a struggle for life,it would had been very emotional to have seen this happen, to have a person stripped of her dignity, and her right for a peaceful natural death. I think this book however shows doctors as just mad scientist that wanted to dset her and study her like she was nothing but a dead frog in biology class than what doctors these days truly are. Profecionals that dedicate most of their time and efford finding clues for those diseases which still affect and take many of our loved ones year after year, specifically cancer and aids.
Throught it all i think this was a very touching book that brought a lot of human nature, human emotion and the effect of it in our lives quickly into the light and showed us that there are matters bigger than science and a disease when it comes to a patient, there is always that driving force of love...may we dare name it humanity.

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