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And this years homecoming queen is...

"The fact that we always interpret literary works to some extent in the light of our own concerns-indeed that in one sense of 'our own concerns' we are incapable of doing anything else- might be one reason why certain works of literature seem to retain their value across the centuries." (Eagleton 12)

Its a popularity contest, well at least in the long run right. That is essentially what he means then. I really like that Eagleton didn't give a concrete answer to what literature is or isn't. because he is right in that it's all subjective to our own taste. Or at least to the taste of the critic, which would be everyone who reads-thank you again Keesey. In the Introduction: what is Literature, Eagleton isn't trying to avaoid the question because there really isn't a right or wrong answer. I think he did answer it, and has a strong answer. We choose what is or isn't literature. We have that kind of power to choose what will be something that is remembered for generations or forgotten as soon as the new great work comes out.Too soon are we to judge and dismiss. Its nice to realize the impact we as a collective whole have on future generations but its one that can be sad if we forget to admitt some things that might be risker and more fullfilling for somthing that makes everyone happy for following the rules.

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I couldn't agree more with the notion of a popularity contest.

The notion of "literature" has been thoroughly debated for frickin' ever. It ultimately goes back to the old saying that one man's trash is another man's art. Or, as Dennis Miller once said, "one man's Moliere is another man's Screech."

Time is the preserver and destroyer of all things.

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