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There is no way that a dead person would ever understand that book.

So I guess that the late T.S. Eliot isn't going to apprecaite what i'm writing now about him then. That sucks. So I was reading this Tradition and the Individual Talent, and thought wow this guy is also backing me on my, I can complain I'm a critic, answer to everything like our buddy Keesey. So the more I read I'm starting to get a little sad when I find out that these traditions that he was to "discourage" (Eliot 1), can't be "inherited" (Eliot 1) but worked to gain. So now I'm all bummed out thinking that my son's not going to inherit my traditions. But then I got excited because if he can't just get mine than he also just can't get his mothers. That was what had me smiling. I'll just leave it at that. But that wasn't the kicker for me, no the one thing I liked the most was in the end of this particular work when talking about the poet and all the things he really needs to do to fully appreciate his work, "And he is not likely to know what is to be done unless he lives in what is not merely the present, but the present moment of the past, unless he is conscious, not of what is dead, but of what is already living." (Eliot 7) So I like this idea of self awareness very much and his ideas of the poet as a reflection of his own past to create his present is very true and cool. But the clincher that is so great is that you have to be alive to apprecaite this. I am sorry to all the zombies who wanted to understand. Maybe next time.

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I also like the idea of the poet being aware of the past and to create his present. As a writer I took this article to heart because a lot of what Eliot said we should not do is exactly what I do on a daily basis when I write. I guess that I didn't have very much "self-awareness" as you and Elliot put it.

In your entry you say that "the clincher is that you have to be alive to appreciate this." I wonder what you mean when you say alive. Do you mean physically breathing or breathing and actually taking part in life. I find that there are many people that are in the world today are just going through the motions they are not actually "living in the moment" as they say. I will be curious to see your answer to this.

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