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Portfolio II

Portfolio II -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

Well this is my second crack at putting together a blogging portofolio. Do I feel more confident now that I am doing this for a second time? No, maybe a little, but not really. But do I feel as if I am getting a better understanding of the class in terms of grasping all the different critical ideas and ways of being critical? Sure. No not really, that sure bit was a lie. There is a lot to grasp in this class and I do feel that it, the class, is slowing down for me to the point where I am seeing how all the different ideas sort of connect to each other in a very obscure way. I would like to say that I really understand it, but then I would just be lying. So without any more delay here is Portofolio II.


The softer side of feminism.
Her first two initials are E. T.
Appropriation is not appropriate.
The invisible subject.
Are you 'old school'?
Do you really want to call it a mystery?
Something inside.
Against the establishment, against Earth!

And I don't mean the jeans.
Again with Benito Cereno.
Mo pomo please.
Blow Hard.
Meanings again.
What else to say but Miko.
Feldstein is thinking.
Like AP History.
A Communist Manifesto for literature.


Everyman the musical

Blg Carnival:

I would like to thank Denamarie Ercolani for hosting the blog carnival this time around. The topic was Fan Fiction.
Blog Carnival Topic: Fan Fiction.


Like humpty dumpty.


I felt like I had seen this happen over and over


Double Gs are trapped in their idea and can't get out.
Codes, codes, codes.
Frye loves intertextuality.


Kevin Hinton's blog entry titledLike A Pack Of Pitbulls...I Mean Postmodernist
Another of Kevin Hinton's blog entries: Who Is Human, Who Is Replicant, Who Cares


Ok, I sort have carried this over from the first portfolio, topic wise not the same entry. I know I also said I wanted to do this type of blogging more often, well I still do. Time is a killa, poor excuse I will try harder next time.
So now I'm back to holding my breath.
So now I can officially breathe again!

I hoped I covered everything. I enjoyed putting this together, it gave me a chance to reflect over the past few months in class. Have fun looking through it and see you next time. Peace.

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