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'This is the end, beautiful friend the end.'

Portfolio III -- Jerz EL312 (Literary Criticism)

Here it is, my third and final blog portfolio for the semester. WOW. As I am writing this last one-during class as a matter of fact (thanks Dr. Jerz for giving up some free time)-I can't believe how quickly this semester, class went. To answer a question, 'What have I learned?" I'll say alot. Seriously, when I did my undergrad I was a writing/psy/poly sci major. I took lit classes, but never any class as intense as this one. At first i hated this course, really did. I couldn't stand the essays-I thought it was all fluff and b/s-but the more I stuck with it the more accessible they became to me. I don't, won't admitt, that I enjoy them. But I will say I don't mind them. As for this blogging thing. First time I ever did it, not the last time I ever will. I keep saying I need to put more out, and I say I'll start, but I still want to and hopefully will once I get some mfing time. This class though was tough, and I enjoyed the challenge. I got to see some new ways of looking at texts, and got to find out the names for the ones I have been using without knowing it.
Without further ado my third blog portfolio:

Culture and Lit together and happy. (coverage and timeliness)
Culture sounds like Intertext. (coverage, timeliness, and depth)
Rebels. (Coverage, timeliness, depth, and xenoblogging)
Should have sued because of slander. (coverage, timeliness, depth, and xenoblogging)

Blogg Carnivale III:
I want to thank Tiffany for hosting this portion of the program. you did a wonderful job.
here's the host site for the carnivale.
Here is my take one this fun topic.

Term Project:

I had the opportunity to work with Gina. She was great to work with, and i'll do it agian. We took a stab at trying to look at the ideal/intended viewer of childrens television. Here is the project. Here is a link to Gina's favorite cartoon.
Heres is what the rest of the class did:
Erin talked about intertexuality, and brought cupcakes.
Dave was all about Bono-U2 lyrics as a work of literature, which as he said, if Dylan is why not Bono. Why Not.
Val and Tiffany worked their magic on the Harry Potter arguments.
Vanessa and Diana tackeled Disney-mainly Sleeping Beauty-as a cannon.
Denamarie and Lorin looked at Garden Stateand the Yellow Wallpaper intertextuality to see how dr. patient is/isn't suppossed to work.
Jay and Karissa looked at aim chat as a new type of literary medium.
Then the 2 Kevins worked their magic on 5 different topuics and subjects, look at this webpage.

Term Paper:
Read this and see how I feel.
No it really isn't that bad. I just got done with a little venting in class. I know I felt better, I hope my classmates do as well. I had 2 cats check out where I am, and the feedback as nothing that I didn't deserve, or need. Thank you Kevin, and Kevin. Seriously I feel that we, as a class, are coming on strong so I ask that everyone take as deep breathe and chill for Five mins. Everything will be alright, alright.


Steelers 4th round pick is a beast. Read the blog, enjoy the video.

Past 2 Blog Portfolio(s):

Portfolio I

Portfolio II

I believe that I am through for now. This is the end, beatiful friend the end.
Peace, I'm out.

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