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September 25, 2007

Only 5 over for 36 holes.

Spent the weekend golfing out near/around Canton Ohio-long story but I will save that for the unpublished crowd. I did though shot a combined 5 over for 36 holes at 2 seperate course on this past Sat and Sun. The course on Sat was Legends at Massilon Ohio. There I shot a 4 over 76-played the North 9 first, then the East 9 to finsh my 18. Sun I played at the Sanctuary golf club in Canton-shot a 1 over 73. So it was a good weekend-and the golf was even half the story-sorry I can not and will not publish those events-peace.

September 24, 2007

Crime, if your into that stuff.

Here is something like the Gomez article:
Dispute over crime facts prompts Falls shooting, This story was to the point, there wasn't any unnecessary language. Just the facts.
Then there is this story:
Arrest made in 40-minute Ariz. crime spree , this is still something like The Gomez one again, probably more like the Gomez article because of the ambiguity to the story. There are a lot of holes and speculation in this article as opposed to the first article. Read em and decide.

Some unnerving trends?

There were two lists:
List 1:

* Is this graphic detail necessary to tell the story?
* Will this detail help the community at large?
* Will readers or viewers be offended by such details?
* Will the victim suffer more because of the details?
* Will this detail help police in solving the crime? And is it your duty to help?

List 2:

* Rape is different from other crimes. Society often blames the victims. Studies show rape victims suffer from the stigma of being "damaged" by the experience.
* Rape victims are less likely to report the crime if they know their names will be published or broadcast. Rape is already the most underreported violent crime in the country.
* Because rape victims are treated with such insensitivity by society, they deserve a level of privacy not afforded other crime victims.

List 1 read like it was intended for a creative writing lab. It seemed like it was a way to get the writer to help their story to grow, show don't tell. the 2nd list is also dealing with crime, yet because of the taboo of the crime we put baby gloves on when talking/dealing with the issue. Now there was nothing in this chapter 5 about crimes involving children. I was wondering why. I wold like to see the list for writing some of those type of stories. I think in comparison to rape crimes the crimes involving children are as taboo if not worse, yet these types of stories seem to be more graphic in nature than the rape stories. I was wondering if anyone else thinks there is a double standard as well. Are we more prone to protect adult women victims, then children victims. Why are we more prone to see a child case from start to finish then we are to see the same coverage of a rape case. Something to think about.

September 21, 2007

Like a action movie preview.

I found the chapter on leads and the chapter on journalese to have some good ideas. The chapter of periods and sentence length(16-17 words p.38) was pretty beat. I like to think of leads as an action movie preview. They are short, to the point, and give you all the important info needed. Think about it, watch a preview for action movies and your watching all the important/action scenes in the movie. Which is kinda like a lead-you get all the info quick. You still read the story the same way you still watch a movie. Then the chapter on that journalese was kinda like Dr. Jerz beating that old 40s era press talk in the movies out of our heads. It was all cliche speak-so to speak.

September 19, 2007

Stupid college pranks.

Schools continue to have an obligation to issue "timely warnings" to the campus community if they believe a reported crime poses an ongoing threat to students and employees on campus. Unlike the crime log, this reporting is not limited to a police or security department and should be made in less than two business days. These warnings, however, are restricted to the list of crimes that schools must report in their annual statistics, and the criteria used by a school for determining what poses a threat can be very subjective.
from the security article. In the Pitt student news paper, everyday on the backside of the front page was a police blotter, this was where they listed every rime that happened within the 24 hours of the paper being printed. Most of the stuff was stupid college pranks-there was this very informal competition between fraternity houses where they would all try and out do each other to get into the paper-but for the most part it kept the students up to date on what was happening and what was going on around campus. In a school the size of Pitt, this was a great tool to get the students aware of certain actions going on around campus. It seemed like most of the students at Pitt read the paper, so pretty much the whole campus was aware. Now a school the size of Seton Hill with a news paper that does not come out as frequently there probably isn't much of a need for this-word of mouth is probably quicker anyways in spreading the word.

News Articles?

I am not sure that what i read would actually be considered news articles. They both were a little short. They both reminded of the blurbs you see in the Post Gazette where they go around the different counties in the area and have one paragraph stories about what happened there. The Gomez article didn't even name the boy or the girl in the accident. It also only said minor injuries, whats that all about. Minor injuries is very vague, I think if it is news worthy-a kid was hit by a car-then tell us something besides an unlicensed driver was cited for the accident. Then I read the story about the carny worker driving while his friends were fornicating in the backseat causing him to wreak into a telephone pole-yes Vanessa I was equally disappointed. This story also didn't say much except that it named the driver-not the friends who were having the sex which caused the accident and who were also injured because of the accident. Both stories did mention the make of the vehicles. the Sex article had a little more info-name of the driver, but not much more. I just think these were more news blurbs than news articles. I might be wrong, but I'm sticking to my opinion.

September 14, 2007

Buttercup we love you, we really, really, love you.

For anyone who does not believe in or love unicorns-Shannon this means you-I want to share my love of the awsome creature with others, or just annoy Shannon some more.

I'm back in the blogging business

I am hoping this works, a little has changed since I last danced with my fair lady the blog. I am TESTING this to ensure that it works.

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