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My journalese portfolio.

This is it. This is the time for portfolio 1. I am starting to get the style of this writing down, I think so at least. I like the concise to the point style. I am excited to begin the next half, I can wait to start on our next article, I have interviews ready. Well here is my work up to this half way point.

News Articles? (Coverage/Timeliness, Depth).

Stupid college pranks. (Coverage/Timeliness, Depth).

Like a action movie preview. (Coverage/Timeliness, Depth, Interaction).

Some unnerving trends? (Coverage/Timeliness, Depth, Interaction).

Crime, if your into that stuff. (Coverage/Timeliness, Depth).

OJ and a little Onion. (Coverage/Timeliness, Depth, Interaction).

This was the only comment I could find, I couldn't remember who I had left comments on.

Aside from not knowing my comments, I think I had some good stuff in this portfolio.

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