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Never shut the president in the door.

Today I shut President Boyle into a wall by use of a door. That was nice, anyways- I was surprised to see that President Boyle was actually in class. And I think that is why thew questions started out slowly. We all (if you did it on time) looked up articles on her, which meant you probably read the NY Times article on the addition of football to Seton Hill. So we came to class thinking about the article we read and the questions we wrote based on that article, also we all expected to be asking Dr. Jerz-aka President Boyle. But no, President Boyle was there which caused a little shyness-but I feel that once we warmed to her, the questions began and she was great in answering us. I thought we didn't ask obnoxious questions, but I feel that we didn't just ask nice delicate questions either. Hey we had to shut down the questions because of time, so it must have went well. Now I know that in a real press conference the opportunity to ask questions to someone like President Boyle might be a little more difficult. But I feel that it was invaluable to be able to actually ask her the questions we had to ask. All in all it was a good experiece-except opening the door-shutting it on her.-Sorry.

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Jeremy Barrick:

I feel the same way. I saw nervousness across the room as President Boyle entered, the calm came after the initial storm. When somebody that powerful is right in front of you, you don't know the first thing to do. Panic!!!! I think we did well.

Jackie Johns:

Mitch - I agree that intimidation was definitely a factor in class. It's a whole different ball game when you come to class prepared to ask questions to a role play-ed President Boyle and end up being face-to-face with the real thing. I was also surprised by the depth of her answers, especially regarding some of the new additions to campus. I'd expect a person of her position would be tight-lipped about such things, especially for a mock press conference in a class. As for that unfortunate door incident, I don't think she'll hold it against you!

She def. made me nervous to speak, because all of the sudden, I felt all my prepared questions attacked her (because most of them dealt with negative things about campus, anyhow). I kind of choked up because I too was expecting to be asking Dr Jerz questions. He doesn't intimidate me at all; in fact, I like arguing with him.

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