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Avaritia will kill us all!

Latin for the old school RC in you. Now to my point: What is with all this crying? Seriously-strike here, strike there-it feels like I'm watching Nolan Ryan pitching to a bunch of blind little leaguers. Seriously let's tackle these issues one at a time. Writers strike: ok, ok, I know that there are some poor writer's out there who can no longer afford to sit around and drink Starbucks all day and fantasize about getting there big break, while some no talent connect takes his ideas and makes the loot off it-so these little cats get upset and strike-I feel yeah-long live capitalism (joking of course-read on)-of course these little cats are the ones struggling while this strike is going on-I know, I know-but chill out-you cats write for a living-write pop culture tv, and really bad remake movies-Beowulf for example. This is not slave labor (wait I am going to go where you think I might if you just wait a sec). This is ridiculous, we, regular cats, are expected to feel sorry for the yuppie wanna be types who need a few more bucks to buy cheep blow to impress some bulimic model like wanna be actress and prove to mommy that they can make it and survive with the little liberal arts degree in writing. No, no, no, no, not here buddy. Now on to the other strike, the Broadway stagehand strike. Now these cats kinda work. I mean this is actual labor. But come on how much do they think they are going to make-they keep this up and there will be a lot more illegal hires in NYC (hold on-I am going to get there). They complain that the producers are making a killing and they should be paid more-why-because they are willing to move boxes-don't cry, become a roadie for a rock band and it'll all work out. Keep crying and they'll outsource your jobs to some poor cat who is willing and happy just to make a buck. And finally the worse off all the strikes-the teacher strikes. This is a problem. First-teachers, you cats work what 9 months a year. Second, you get these contracts without any type of concern about your job till the contracts are up. Why, why are there no yearly performance criteria to meet. No, get tenure and your gods doing whatever. But feel a little burdened and strike, we want more money. We love the kids so much that we are willing to sacrifice their education just to squeeze more money out of the taxpayers wallet. Hey teachers in case you didn't notice-your failing our children. (Not all of you, but the bad ones ruin it for the good ones-sorry) if you really cared you'd be happy you get paid-with summers, holidays, weekends, evenings off, but no you need more and for what.
See the problem isn't wanting more money, hell we all want more money. The concern I have is these unions. See they pump you guys up-get you on strike and for what-50 cents on the dollar, I know you are not getting more than that-ok, maybe free dental. But is it worth it. The regular little cat-in all these jobs are the ones getting hurt. They are the ones with the bills mounting, the wife yelling, sick kids, and cars getting impounded-for who-the fat union bosses to pad their wallets, or the upper echelon to collect the top end and the little cats to divide amongst the rest. This union stuff is getting out of hand-look-where did all the manufacturing jobs go-I'll tell you-overseas, why-cheap labor. Why pay and deal with obnoxious unions when you can outsource and pay less then what the crying unions were upset with getting and get the same product-maybe a little toxic but thats the risk you take to save a buck.Keep this up and there will be no American jobs left. I am so fired up I think I'll start a Illegal Grape Pickers Union right now-you heard me, all you illegals upset with the money you get for picking grapes ( a job us Americans won't do) join my union and I'll get you 65 cents for every grape picked-you'll get rich and I promise you won't ever have to strike-who else will pick their grapes-not these gringos. The only catch is there is a 100 dollar sign up fee and a 50 dollar yearly fee-but I'll get you benefits.
But seriously-think of the hypocrisy here, people doing minimal labor wanting more money when there are single mothers working the max amount hours allowed by their employer (Walmart) who have no benefits and in some cases can still collect welfare. Where is their union? There is none, these are hard workers, workers just happy to have a job, and willing to do whatever it takes to help their families. Yeah Wamart is bad, but they hire a lot of people, a lot of people who would really be sucking off of the taxpayers teet if they did not this job. But hey I guess there has to be room for all the poor non-working strikers-they need help don't they?
But hey I guess this is the price for living in a capitalist world-These strikers are missing the point, you work to provide for your family, not so you can buy to feel self worth. Don't tell me these people on strike can't live-if that was the case then how are the Walmart employees able to live, and provide for their families then. Or I guess they don't count. Right, they don't understand what it is like to not afford a mansion in the hills or some ridiculously overpriced car (you realize that the function of the car is to make it easier to get from point a-to point b). These strikers don't understand how lucky they have it-because they don't see people, they see the consumption of the person. They are only as important as the things in their home(s)-some own more-why. Where the real workers (illegal, and Walmart) see the people, and that is what is important.
We will all suffer from our own demise, and Greed my friends is one of the deadliest sins.

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