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Creative-Maybe. Chaucer-NO!

Maybe Ken Fusion is the next Geoffrey Chaucer (212 ABNW).
No, I don't think so. Ok, so the guy wrote a really long informative sentence. Still doesn't make you G. Chaucer. I liked the idea of writing that whole article in one sentence. That really was something special. But to compare one article to a work of genius, that is a little far fetched. Now I really don't know where and if that style of writing will and is good for a journalist- if anyone outside of IOWA has seen/read another example of this style, please let me know.

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Thank you! It seemed like everyone else in the class loved the creativity of the one sentence article, except for me. I agree, one long sentence does not make you Chaucer- or anywhere near. And no, no one outside of Iowa has ever seen that style. Maybe they're used to it?...

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