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'em are ducks?

M.R.Ducks, but I think we mean Verify Or Duck.

One way for an editor to convey to the staff a high priority for accuracy is to build accountability for being accurate into annual performance reviews. (12 BPNJ)

Just what Dr. Jerz has been trying to beat into our heard from day one is exactly what this little book starts with-verify or duck. It is a pretty simple idea to understand. Think if it is this important to the Chicago Tribune then it should be that important for the young aspiring journalists. Can I get an Amen from the clergy-ok, maybe no Amen, but at least a, "Yes it should". Seriously we're talking about a pretty big newspaper that has financial consequences built into their idea of accountability.
Now I didn't have a problem with the anonymous sources-hell without them where would we be without Watergate? Sometimes they are necessary. And as for the incompetent reporters? Wasn't this brought up earlier in class, I want to say it was Shannon talking about all the dumb questions that were being asked-it might have something to do with tv newscast-but I think there is a need for this vanilla knowledge, by that I mean-isn't the paper written in a low reading level anyways-anyways wouldn't readers be taken aback if the journalism of the paper was beyond them. Wouldn't they feel rubbed the wrong way-like the reporters are Mr. Smarty Pants just trying to be funny with their really hard words, and their know it all essays. Come on people chill- read your paper and feel like you know something. Just don't forget: Verify Or Duck.

Bonus Bonus-name the book:
"...for the first time in years, I had this stupid urge to cry, because I could feel how much all these people hated me."

Ok, maybe that is too difficult, so I'lkl give you an easier quote from the same book"

"Maman died today. Or yesterday maybe, I don't know. I got a telegram from the home: 'Mother deceased. Funeral tomorrow. Faithfully yours.' That doesn't mean anything. Maybe it was yesterday."

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