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Kinda LIke the Myers Piece.

Myers (87-96 ABNW) feature comes right before Hull (96-111 ABNW) and both of these features read like scripts/novels/novellas-whatever you want to put here beside newspaper article. This is a completely different take on crime writing from the article we are writing on Janet and Jon, but also more of a feature piece.

"Don't move," the voice behind her ordered.
Maybe it was some other sort of weapon at her head, a lead pipe or something. But a voice in the distance confirmed what she feared.
"He's got a gun." (102 ABNW)

That is Lifetime movie of the week good script writing. Or like Jeremy mentioned in his blog something from Oprah-truly something I could see her producing or getting turned into a book of the month-the tragedy of the event is something both she and her fans love to cry about. I can see and appreciate this different style of journalism-so much more creative and more entertaining then facts and facts. There is more freedom for the writer in these feature pieces then there are in writing the regular articles.

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Yes you hit it on the head. "Metal to Bone" read like a lifetime movie. this is the kind of journalistice writing I want to do: it is expressive, but truthful at the same time. Hull sucks the reader into the story as a neutral fly-on-the-wall third party. We see the stroy unfold before our eyes. Hull is creative with the truth. I suppose you could just call her style a "non-fiction narrative", told by an invisible observer who is partially omniscient, seeing into the heads of all those affected by and invloved with the crime.

Maddie Gillespie:

I completely agree with you when you talk about how this writing would make a good Lifetime movie or see it aired on Oprah, like Jeremy mentioned. This was a good feature article that covered crime and definitively told the facts, but in a creative way so as to keep the reader interested.

Jackie Johns:

I reacted the same way to the Hull article - I found her use of narrative and feature writing very powerful. After seeing your comparison to Opah and Lifetime though, I'm starting to wonder if journalists who write about real-life crimes in this style are walking a thin line - it seems easy for their articles to read more like fiction even though they are fact.

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