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Like Writing to a Pan Pal.

Do people still have pen pals? probably not with the internet, anyways on to chapter 10 ABNW.

Many readers come to the same story looking for different things. It sometimes helps the writer to imagine he is writing for a single human being, and a familiar one at that. When you tell your story to a single person, your voice changes and your language becomes more simple and direct. (306 ABNW)

Being new to this medium and the pressures I feel writing my articles for class I can understand how this would help clarify what the writer would need and want to use in any given article they would be working on. I think this would help the writer keep a strong focus on the facts and not be prone to want to throw in all the extra layers of useless info.-When you send e-mails-at least for me, they are typically to the point. I don't try and burden the person I am sending it to with a lot of useless info, I assume that the person is probably as busy-if not more so-than I am and just want to give the info I need to give. So in the terms of writing a news piece then i think this is a little helpful tid bit.

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