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Then Read Your Own Paper.

Until the lives of all citizens are fully and fairly represented in the staffs and content of all newspapers, the American press has made a promise it has yet kept (48 BPfNJ).

They lack diversity? Yeah, I guess they do, but what business in American doesn't? First, how many people of minority are journalist-journalism majors? Now take that small percentage of a number and work it out to have every newspaper in America equally diverse-see a problem with that? Do we-the newspapers-hire just to meet numbers, or higher based on the work. Not everyone has the ability to write for the New York Times, but everyone thinks they should. Second, what about the newspapers meant for a certain demographic? The Pittsburgh Courier does not cover people outside of the African-American demographic, no one complains about that. There is always, and I mean always some one who is going to complain about something, and race/equality is so taboo in this country that it is easy to find something about that subject that will unnerve people.

Bonus-Bonus-name the band, and track of the song that this line ends. Here is a hint: This line is repeated 8 times at the end of the song.
All of which are American dreams

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Corey Struss:

Rage against the machine - Know your enemy. Self titled album. ::WOOT::

Really good points Mitch. I never realized that the Pittsburgh Courier doesn't cover people outside the African-American demographic. But yet, they do something different. They have different angles, which attract different readers.

there are very few of us journalism majors at Seton Hill (I think it's 12?). I can only imagine how that number transcends into the real world.Just as there are some people who think they can sing but can't, there are people who just shouldn't write but think they can. Perhaps these people are jealous. And we do have to think about the area the newspaper covers. In Lancaster, there are not many articles covering African-American issues, but that is because the area is predominately white. Now, In Philly there is probably fair coverage of African American issues due to the high demographic.

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