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Who Thought That Many People Still Read the Paper!

As I was reading the rest of the BPfNJ or Best Practices for Newspaper Journalists-it hit me that people have problems with the paper. Everything in the little book is about what the papers do wrong-which makes sense to show you how to improve or just not make the same errors. Then I thought, wow, a lot of people still read the paper. But then I was almost fooled-but this is like the chapter in the other book-IANS-or It Ain't Necessarily So, that talked about the numbers in the paper. So maybe all these gripes are from the same pool of people. Maybe, or maybe not-the little book doesn't say. I am not mad at them, but just wondering. I thought the book did a fine job of outlining some of the major problems that the papers have, and how a journalism major could avoid the same pitfalls of the seasoned veteran. Good, quick little read.

Bonus-Bonus: What is the significance of these lines in the Lynard Skynard song, Sweet Home Alabama:
Well, I hope Neil Young will remember
A southern man don't need him around anyhow

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