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December 6, 2007

It All Comes Back to This.

When journalists add scenes that did not occur or quotes that were never said, they cross the line into fiction, and they deceive the reader. (ABNW 315)
In chapter 11 where the theme of the chapter was basically Dr. Jerz's hard hit idea of verify or duck (actually it was Do Not Add; Do Not Deceive) we as students get another opportunity to understand the practice of good journalism. Throughout the course the books we have read repeat the same idea over and over to the point where we need to fully appreciate that you never ever add ideas to the news that is not there. Always check your sources and verify the facts.

December 7, 2007

I miss you now, I guess, like I should have missed you then.

I hope my punctuation is correct in the title. Please be correct. Also I would like to point out that I, like Danni, now know that crack-cocaine whore is not to be capitalized. Seriously, before this class started I was in no way shape or form interested in taking the class. But because it was something I had to take I put my big boy pants on and did it. Now as the class is ending I realize that I really enjoyed the class, this isn't fluff, I did enjoy this class. I now have this new appreciation for journalist and the work they do. As a fan of the print news-actually internet new sites but it still isn't TV-i never really thought about what went into the paper on a daily basis all the deadlines, and the fact checking, etc. The examples you gave us to do and all the countless crime articles I wrote really helped me understand how talented journalist are. I won't lie and say i enjoyed all the wb's but I will admit I did enjoy the mock press conferences-even the one where I shut the door on President Boyle. I really appreciated how much time and energy you put into the Janet Morton, Martin-whatever her last name is/was crime story, I think that the way you created the scenarios because I felt that the way that class was run with the different actors and the time constraints, that would probably be as close as I ever would get to having to cover, write and report on anything ever. So thanks for that experience. I also am glad that this semester did not kill you-you had us a little worried, but I am glad you are A-ok. This is also my final blogging portfolio (it really is-wow), as a parting gift I would like to post all my prior portfolios:
Lit Crit portfolios:
My first blog portfolio happens to be portfolio 1
Portfolio II (what a title eh?)
'This is the end, beautiful friend the end.'
Newswriting portfolios:
My journalese portfolio.
blog, I love the way your portfolio play, all the crazy tales I hear you say.

Here are the entries to my portfolio:

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For the Wildcard I have two equally talented blogs to present. One goes out to the late Doug Feckless, and the other is a little rant I had.
Rest in Peace Doug Feckless.
Avaritia will kill us all!

So that is it, I'm finished and I am out. But be sure to check back because you never know what I may write about, and link to-it will be fun. I have enjoyed this class, and my fellow classmates, not to mention the wise one-Dr. Jerz, so until we meet again-PEACE!

December 10, 2007

But I'd never steal from Santa, cause that ain't right

Santa effing Clause!

The other night I was out shopping with the wife picking up some toys for Christmas. While we were at dinner I felt really good about what we got, especially the one gift that I knew my son would really love. So as I was sitting there drinking a beer when it just smacked me in the face. The truth that no matter how great of a present i bought my son, Santa Clause would get all the credit. And for a quick minute I got really upset with my wife for wanting my son to believe in the fat man. Honestly think about the whole Santa thing. Who is Santa? Santa is a grown man. A grown man who knows when you are sleeping and awake. He knows if you are good, and bad, he is always watching. He is also a grown man who sneaks into peoples homes, eats their cookies, wearing his red pj's and bearing gifts for the children, oh yeah-he sneaks out before anyone can catch him.. Nice guy to have your kids write letters to-only letting him know where to find them. See I kinda see Santa as a stalker, maybe someone Chris Hanson should be busting on his show . I can see Chris taling to santa as he comes up from the chimney: "So tell me Mr Clause, why are you bringing toys to little (insert child's name here) at 3:30 in the morning while all the parents are asleep?" or "And why is a grown man writing letters to little children and watching their every move?"
See Santa doesn't seem so nice now. I mean how is Santa any different from the other grown man who wears pj's, likes to talk to little kids, and bring them gifts: MJ?
Explain how Santa and Mike are so different, I'll tell you how: parents don't put their kids in line to sit on Michaels lap and have their picture taken with him, thats what.
So maybe I'm just a little bit jealous at Santa-I'm allowed. We as parents are the ones working, doing the best we can to give our kids the best Christmas each and every year and for what, so Santa can be the hero. I guess, because I know there is no way my wife is going to allow me to tell our son that HO Ho is not real. So I guess I will sit quietly and whine (WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), but I'm not sitting little man on any laps, no photos please.

December 13, 2007

Pass me the ketchup!

Somebody really needs to let President Bush know not to take Jonathan Swift seriously. Again with the veto to stop children in this country (USA) from having medical insurance. Why help our own children when we can help the children of the world. What does Bush want us to do with these kids-eat them? I am waiting for the punch line. Did he read A Modest Proposal> and come up with this plan. What about all of the kids here? What do we do about them, how do we help them? I guess there are more important things he has to worry about then trying to take care of the people in this country. MY bad, I thought he was the President of the United States of America or something.

December 15, 2007

Bo knows not to Juice!

Now that MLB has gotten it's feared Mitchell Report, we have a little idea of how huge the whole steroid ordeal really is. No longer can people just call for Bonds' head. It wasn't just him, now leave him alone. Crucify your great Rocket. You know, Roger Clemens, the one people considered to be one of, if not the greatest pitcher alive, the only 7-time Cy Young winner. Now that they say he juiced, do all you Bonds haters feel the same way about him. Probably not, you love the Rocket. My opinion, so what. Baseball didn't care when it was happening, we as fans loved the effects of their decisions, so why burn them now. Baseball is so irrelevant, sorry but it really is, that it needs more than steroids to save it. Ever since Joe "Willie" Namath predicted a win in Super Bowl III baseball began to fall behind the NFL. Baseball needs to first get a salary cap to make their sport more competitive. Look at the NHL since they introduced a salary cap. Teams are selling more tickets now that the fans know they can compete. Baseball you need to grow the little fan base you have. (seriously look at the attendance at Tampa Bay,Baltimore, Florida, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Texas, et.al) Outside of New York/Boston) your fan base is falling. And some of these markets have great histories but poor owners (I'll save that rant for another time). Start over fresh right now, keep the records, but be harder on those who fail drug test. Be like other real professions. I mean steroids are illegal, so if you get caught using, you face criminal charges. That would send a clear message to the players and the fans. Also get a salary cap now-the owners need to quit sucking on the holy tit of the Yankees (I am a Yankee fan) and the Red Sox and get a cap to save the sport. And finally play a couple play off games in the day time. When kids are up-remember they are the future. Maybe these suggestions will help. So put the needles in the past, America loves to show support for rehab stories, and move on. Just please if you keep busting Bonds ass then bust the Rockets as well.
Viva Le Bonds.

December 24, 2007

A Yiddish Santa.

Since Christmas is close I started to think about why a person would and wouldn't celebrate Santa. As I was discussing these ideas with my wife I started to ask her about Santa and Jewish people. Her response was, "Go ask Shuster", but since I always mess up the time zone thing I didn't see the point in calling some one 4-5 times zones away for the answer I knew was coming "Santa is Christian." But I would have answered back, "was Christian, now he is open to all denominations." And I truly believe that. I no longer think Santa is just a Christian value, I think everyone should have a littler Santa in their holiday. Why shouldn't Jewish children also get gifts from the fat man. In see no harm in that. But I don't know why or why not. Santa is so enriched with capitalist greed I think the only people who shouldn't celebrate him is Marx and Engles. So if your not them then you should be knee deep in receipts and Shanta dolls. Or like our Jewish friends, keep Santa at bay and keep the responsibility of the gifts to Mom and Dad. Just something to think about while your up all night setting up toys to be destroyed in a blink of an eye tomorrow morning.
Happy Holidays to all (peace).

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