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A Yiddish Santa.

Since Christmas is close I started to think about why a person would and wouldn't celebrate Santa. As I was discussing these ideas with my wife I started to ask her about Santa and Jewish people. Her response was, "Go ask Shuster", but since I always mess up the time zone thing I didn't see the point in calling some one 4-5 times zones away for the answer I knew was coming "Santa is Christian." But I would have answered back, "was Christian, now he is open to all denominations." And I truly believe that. I no longer think Santa is just a Christian value, I think everyone should have a littler Santa in their holiday. Why shouldn't Jewish children also get gifts from the fat man. In see no harm in that. But I don't know why or why not. Santa is so enriched with capitalist greed I think the only people who shouldn't celebrate him is Marx and Engles. So if your not them then you should be knee deep in receipts and Shanta dolls. Or like our Jewish friends, keep Santa at bay and keep the responsibility of the gifts to Mom and Dad. Just something to think about while your up all night setting up toys to be destroyed in a blink of an eye tomorrow morning.
Happy Holidays to all (peace).

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