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Bo knows not to Juice!

Now that MLB has gotten it's feared Mitchell Report, we have a little idea of how huge the whole steroid ordeal really is. No longer can people just call for Bonds' head. It wasn't just him, now leave him alone. Crucify your great Rocket. You know, Roger Clemens, the one people considered to be one of, if not the greatest pitcher alive, the only 7-time Cy Young winner. Now that they say he juiced, do all you Bonds haters feel the same way about him. Probably not, you love the Rocket. My opinion, so what. Baseball didn't care when it was happening, we as fans loved the effects of their decisions, so why burn them now. Baseball is so irrelevant, sorry but it really is, that it needs more than steroids to save it. Ever since Joe "Willie" Namath predicted a win in Super Bowl III baseball began to fall behind the NFL. Baseball needs to first get a salary cap to make their sport more competitive. Look at the NHL since they introduced a salary cap. Teams are selling more tickets now that the fans know they can compete. Baseball you need to grow the little fan base you have. (seriously look at the attendance at Tampa Bay,Baltimore, Florida, Kansas City, Pittsburgh, Texas, et.al) Outside of New York/Boston) your fan base is falling. And some of these markets have great histories but poor owners (I'll save that rant for another time). Start over fresh right now, keep the records, but be harder on those who fail drug test. Be like other real professions. I mean steroids are illegal, so if you get caught using, you face criminal charges. That would send a clear message to the players and the fans. Also get a salary cap now-the owners need to quit sucking on the holy tit of the Yankees (I am a Yankee fan) and the Red Sox and get a cap to save the sport. And finally play a couple play off games in the day time. When kids are up-remember they are the future. Maybe these suggestions will help. So put the needles in the past, America loves to show support for rehab stories, and move on. Just please if you keep busting Bonds ass then bust the Rockets as well.
Viva Le Bonds.

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Did you hear about the incorrect list that WNBC posted, then later retracted?


Funny how when Jose Conseco came out with his book and named all those players people laughed at him and called him a liar.

Even funnier that now every person he mentioned in his book was on that list, with the exception of Alex Rodriguez ("A-Rod") who Conseco is now claiming is also at fault.

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