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But I'd never steal from Santa, cause that ain't right

Santa effing Clause!

The other night I was out shopping with the wife picking up some toys for Christmas. While we were at dinner I felt really good about what we got, especially the one gift that I knew my son would really love. So as I was sitting there drinking a beer when it just smacked me in the face. The truth that no matter how great of a present i bought my son, Santa Clause would get all the credit. And for a quick minute I got really upset with my wife for wanting my son to believe in the fat man. Honestly think about the whole Santa thing. Who is Santa? Santa is a grown man. A grown man who knows when you are sleeping and awake. He knows if you are good, and bad, he is always watching. He is also a grown man who sneaks into peoples homes, eats their cookies, wearing his red pj's and bearing gifts for the children, oh yeah-he sneaks out before anyone can catch him.. Nice guy to have your kids write letters to-only letting him know where to find them. See I kinda see Santa as a stalker, maybe someone Chris Hanson should be busting on his show . I can see Chris taling to santa as he comes up from the chimney: "So tell me Mr Clause, why are you bringing toys to little (insert child's name here) at 3:30 in the morning while all the parents are asleep?" or "And why is a grown man writing letters to little children and watching their every move?"
See Santa doesn't seem so nice now. I mean how is Santa any different from the other grown man who wears pj's, likes to talk to little kids, and bring them gifts: MJ?
Explain how Santa and Mike are so different, I'll tell you how: parents don't put their kids in line to sit on Michaels lap and have their picture taken with him, thats what.
So maybe I'm just a little bit jealous at Santa-I'm allowed. We as parents are the ones working, doing the best we can to give our kids the best Christmas each and every year and for what, so Santa can be the hero. I guess, because I know there is no way my wife is going to allow me to tell our son that HO Ho is not real. So I guess I will sit quietly and whine (WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), but I'm not sitting little man on any laps, no photos please.

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You can always blame Santa for delivering the lump of coal. That's sort of the parental Pascal's Wager when it comes to Santa Claus.

Mitchell Steele:

I guess we ca, but the prolem is who really leaves the l. when we get the ift right-hoho/Santa gets the crit, get the gft wrong and you have a scapgoat. Iuess I justwnt my cake and able to eat it too.

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Nobody ever promised that being a parent would be fair! Did you send a letter to Santa through the Education school? Helping them write that letter is a good way to find out what kids want.

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