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I miss you now, I guess, like I should have missed you then.

I hope my punctuation is correct in the title. Please be correct. Also I would like to point out that I, like Danni, now know that crack-cocaine whore is not to be capitalized. Seriously, before this class started I was in no way shape or form interested in taking the class. But because it was something I had to take I put my big boy pants on and did it. Now as the class is ending I realize that I really enjoyed the class, this isn't fluff, I did enjoy this class. I now have this new appreciation for journalist and the work they do. As a fan of the print news-actually internet new sites but it still isn't TV-i never really thought about what went into the paper on a daily basis all the deadlines, and the fact checking, etc. The examples you gave us to do and all the countless crime articles I wrote really helped me understand how talented journalist are. I won't lie and say i enjoyed all the wb's but I will admit I did enjoy the mock press conferences-even the one where I shut the door on President Boyle. I really appreciated how much time and energy you put into the Janet Morton, Martin-whatever her last name is/was crime story, I think that the way you created the scenarios because I felt that the way that class was run with the different actors and the time constraints, that would probably be as close as I ever would get to having to cover, write and report on anything ever. So thanks for that experience. I also am glad that this semester did not kill you-you had us a little worried, but I am glad you are A-ok. This is also my final blogging portfolio (it really is-wow), as a parting gift I would like to post all my prior portfolios:
Lit Crit portfolios:
My first blog portfolio happens to be portfolio 1
Portfolio II (what a title eh?)
'This is the end, beautiful friend the end.'
Newswriting portfolios:
My journalese portfolio.
blog, I love the way your portfolio play, all the crazy tales I hear you say.

Here are the entries to my portfolio:

Like a pilot episode of some court drama. (Coverage/Depth/Timeliness/Discussions/Interaction/Xenoblogging).
'em are ducks? (Coverage/Depth/Timeliness)
Then Read Your Own Paper. (Coverage/Depth/Timeliness/Discussion/Interaction)
Who Thought That Many People Still Read the Paper!(Coverage/Depth/Timeliness)
Queens on the Diamond. (Coverage/Depth/Timeliness/Interaction/Discussion/Xenoblogging)
Creative-Maybe. Chaucer-NO! (Coverage/Timeliness/Depth)
Kinda LIke the Myers Piece. (Coverage/Depth/Timeliness/Interaction/Discussion)
Like Writing to a Pan Pal. (Coverage/Depth/Timeliness)
It All Comes Back to This. (Coverage/Depth)
For the Wildcard I have two equally talented blogs to present. One goes out to the late Doug Feckless, and the other is a little rant I had.
Rest in Peace Doug Feckless.
Avaritia will kill us all!

So that is it, I'm finished and I am out. But be sure to check back because you never know what I may write about, and link to-it will be fun. I have enjoyed this class, and my fellow classmates, not to mention the wise one-Dr. Jerz, so until we meet again-PEACE!

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