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It All Comes Back to This.

When journalists add scenes that did not occur or quotes that were never said, they cross the line into fiction, and they deceive the reader. (ABNW 315)
In chapter 11 where the theme of the chapter was basically Dr. Jerz's hard hit idea of verify or duck (actually it was Do Not Add; Do Not Deceive) we as students get another opportunity to understand the practice of good journalism. Throughout the course the books we have read repeat the same idea over and over to the point where we need to fully appreciate that you never ever add ideas to the news that is not there. Always check your sources and verify the facts.

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Mitch, because I opted this term to use several shorter books rather than one single book, it's true that the smaller books often repeated the basic principles of journalism. Do you feel the repetition helped you learn, or would your time have been better spent reading in more detail about some other more specialized area of journalism?

I do think that the repetitiveness throughout all the different books made the importance of the points that more important. I enjoyed getting a little variety from a couple different texts more than I would have from one big text, Keesey text from last year was a big ridiculous read. So even though it seems as though I was annoyed by the repetitive nature, I have to admit it was kind of refreshing to see that all the different texts found it somewhere in them all to agree on the major points. So I guess the different books is a better idea because they do get the idea across and it helps to remember the important stuff.

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