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Fear and Loathing in WCCC.

I don't know if We Can Color and Count.
Because of SHU's small student body which makes getting classes you need when you need them more difficult then a big university I was directed to go to WCCC for a class I needed. For the respect of the professor that is teaching the course at WCCC I will keep the class I am in out of all rants about the class, except to say it is a English class. Trust me it is not the professors fault, I have spoken on the side with said professor and have nothing but respect for the professor, the problem is my class mates. On the first day of class we get a syllabus like any other class. List of readings, tests, etc. So what is the first thing that is asked. "Are we going to do all the readings in class, or do you want us to do this on our own?", professor reply, "On your own of course.", student again, "Really, I thought we would do these in class, I don't like reading on my own."-this is really what was said as I have been keeping a running transcript of the ridiculous dialogue going on in this class. I was complaining to McGinnis the other day about this when he told me I, "had passed onto the 13th grade". This is hell. I understand that this is community college and that some (most) of these students will never take another college English class again, but to dumb it down this much. I feel that I am being ripped off of my $264.00 to take this class. I want a refund.

Side note: I was reading a magazine the other day when I came across a piece about a Florida State law professor who began a class by having the students read aloud their Facebook profiles. As Dr. Jerz has mentioned numerous times about the public nature of these types of media, a female student was embarrassed because she claimed on her profile that "being slutty" was one of her hobbies. I have not been able to find the exact blog entry that this article was quoting but here is the link to the blog the entry has come from : http://prawfsblawg.blogs.com/

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On the very first day of a literature class, I will often assign short poems that we can read and discuss right away, but wow... to hear that students expect to do all the reading in class is a real stunner. The idea of having students read their Facebook profiles out loud is a good one... I'm not sure I'd actually do that in class, but I can certainly imagine using this anecdote.

I have encountered a student profile that referenced marijuana use as a hobby; a student who issued a crude/sexual taunt/invitation directed towards a professor; a student who griped about a family dispute over Thanksgiving (and then had to deal with an upset family member who wanted to tell a different version of the story). I tried to find a discrete way to let the students know about my discovery.

A faculty member recently asked me how "someone" might go about posting an anonymous blog if "someone" wanted to say things that might prove upsetting to others. I know of several academic bloggers who keep an anonymous blog where they don't hold back.

For the record, I don't have an anonymous blog for ranting, but I recommend it for people who have something they need to get off their chest... but I strongly suggest that they do not use the name of the university or the name of the professor... Mitch, you made it clear that you weren't addressing your comments towards the professor, but your classmates might be able to find this entry. (It's possible!)

You might be the person to set the positive example to them, and demonstrate what it's possible to get out of a work of literature if you approach "reading" as an exercise in constructing meaning. Some students who may never have been exposed to college-level literary analysis could use a good example to show them how it's done!

I think this is possible, the example thing, but I am not sure anyone in this class really cares. I honestly feel like I was sent back to high school.

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