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More Fear and Loathing in WCCC.

No class today due the holiday, and like Dr. King I too have a dream, and just like Dr. King i am in an uphill battle to obtain it.
18 January 2008 Noon. As class began the students around me were struggling to pull the heavy Norton Anthology out of their bags/purses/and anything else that resembled some form of convenient luggage. Before we could even begin our lesson a female student in the front of the class noticed the professors name tag. A new item that all school faculty is now made to wear. So as the professor was explaining herself, the class turned into show-and-tell. Students were pulling id's from wallets like men pulling singles for a dancer. I do not think I have ever seen so many people be able to conjure up their id's so quickly unless the cops were knocking on the driver side windows. Once the id's were out, we were led by said female about how she was able to take such a "pretty" photo, which led to discussions about the whole student id photo taking process. Finally around 12:17 pm we finally opened up the text and began to listen to the professor read the first poem. I began to feel a little relieved to think that we might actually engage in some discussion about the work. NO, NO, No. All of the progress was halted so the teacher, who only asked the class to tell what kind of rhyme scheme was being used, cold explain to said females boyfriend (the one who asked about the reading) what a rhyme scheme is and explain the rhyme scheme of the poem, which was ababab cdcdcd efefef. I also failed to mention how I sat watching this other female student hide behind her carry-on texting to her friend who I am sure was just 20 feet across the hall in another class room. This whole texting thing has me very confused. Honestly-how freaking important is your life that you have to be texting with whoever constantly? I sat there and watched how this female student text back in forth continually for the entire 50 minute class. she never shut her phone, her thumbs have got to be the strongest thumbs in the world. I feel that I am caught in chaos constructed by lack of self-motivation.

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Whew. I recognize the value of letting a class have a few minutes to bond... maybe your instructor feels very strongly about the ID issue and felt that letting the class discuss it was a way for students to start relating to each other in the classroom, so that would lay the foundation for good class discussion later.

Have you thought of sharing your thoughts with your instructor? Perhaps the knowledge that there's someone else in the classroom who cares about the literature will make a difference in the way your instructor runs the discussions.

shannon Moskal:

A brand new year and you are still trying to throw some small tidbit about strippers into each of your blogs. tch. tch. I agree with Dr. Jerz that there is a certain value in letting the class have a few minutes to bond - the name tag thing is funny and I would have done the same thing in her place. As you know Mitchell, I begin student teaching on Monday 28th and I definately need to build repore with my students. That's not to say that in Podunk Alabamy I will eat lunch with my students - because I don't eat dirt - but I will include little dirt trinkets in my token system. As for text messaging, well you know my feelings on all new fangled technology - although I am quite adept at the Wii. There will be no text messaging of any kind in my classroom. Thumbs will be be broken and phones will be tossed out the window. I hope all is will with Shannon and little Mitchell. I couldn't find the blog you were talking about as I am still not blog savy. have a good semester.

I know nothing of strippers in the above, unless my subconscious is making its own Freudian slip.

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