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Robert Nutting makes Matt Millen look like a genius.

Why does Robert "Bob" Nutting get a free pass, while Matt Millen get hammered for the product they put on the field. I am in no way a Detroit Lions fan. But for some strange reason you always hear about the terrible job Millen has done in ruining a pretty good football franchise, yet hardly anything is said about the ridiculous job Nutting has done is ruing one of the best franchises in baseball history. Why am I bringing this up, well one reason and one reason only. This summer the New York Yankees will play three games at PNC Park (June 24, 25, 26), yet the only way a fan can get tickets to all three games without selling their soul is to buy a season ticket package. If you but at least an eight game package you earn your self the opportunity to purchase tickets to one of the three games. Now I am not going to argue that Mr. Nutting is one hell of a business man. Clearly Mr. nutting is making money off of the team, why else would he still own them. My problem is with his strong-arm tactics he uses to sell tickets. There is no way people should buy season tickets to watch the team that Mr. Nutting is/has put together for this upcoming season. he does not spend money (there is no salary cap) to make the club better, he cuts money to increase his share of the profits. Example: this past draft the Pirates (due to their horrible finish the year before) had the opportunity to draft a franchise cather. someone who would hit .300, 30+(hrs), and100+(rbis) for years to come. Instead of drafting that guy they pick a so-so closer from college. A closer is their number one draft pick ( I find it crazy because in the history of baseball and the modern game all the best closer were at one point in their careers professional starting pitchers) Mr. Nutting did this to save money on the contract. So as he did two seasons ago with the All-Star Game, Mr. Nutting has found a way to increase ticket sales without putting a dollar into the club. Sell season ticket packages as the only option to go and see the teams you want to see. Or maybe if Mr. Nutting put some money into the team the fans would buy the tickets to support the team, instead of buying tickets to support Mr. Nuttings bank account. That is all the fans are supporting. There is no way you can argue that you are really supporting the Pirates. I love the Yankees, but I also love the Pirates, I just wish Mr. Nutting took a page from Mr. Steinbrenner and put a little of what he earned back into the product he wants us to buy. Mr. Nutting for some reason (the money he is making on us the fan) doesn't see the need to do so, and that I find to be dirty business. But hey, he is the millionaire, not me/I.

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I suppose if enough fans are disgusted and they refuse to pay, they'll have to cut the prices. Somehow I can't imagine that happening, though.

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