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Worship Time @ The Cult of Commerce

September 13, 2004

Shhh, don't tell anyone but I shopped at DevilMart tonight. I didn't really have much of a choice in the matter: It's Sunday night, garbage night, and I needed kitty litter. It was either DevilMart or an incredibly expensive grocery store, and, um, I'm poor. Suckin'

I've been vetoing that evil empire corporate conglomerate third world exploiting superpower I shall refer to only as "W" for about a year and a half now. And, quite unfortunately, I am sure you will know exactly the mass-market consumer hell of which I speak. Anyway, rants about corporations aside, I did travel to that most evil warehouse full of pretty stuff no one really -needs- tonight. For kitty litter, right?

Only, although I stopped shopping at the dreaded W well over a year ago, I was once a loyal worshipper at the cult of commerce. It used to be that I couldn't walk into that joint without dropping a twenty, usually double that. When I first stopped shopping there, I would occasionally be coerced into travelling its aisles with friends who hadn't yet broken the habit. It was initially difficult to resist the bright displays of yummy smelling shampoos or the vibrant arrays of yarn in the craft section or those 2 for $11 DVDs. But I remained strong! Last year at DevilMart I spent a whooping grand total of about $20*. Yes! Really! It wasn't always easy to resist worshipping in the Church, but I am a determined (read: stubborn) individual. And I'm poor. That always helps.

So, after being away from the Church of W for a year, I noticed that the bright colors appealed to me less and less. Soon it got to the point that I could wander around the whole store and find absolutely nothing I wanted to buy. Every once in a while I would lower my resolve against its evil to pick up a bag of, say, $2 kitty litter, but rarely did I find anything that I wanted badly enough to be willing to admit that I had purchased it at, gasp, DevilMart.

Tonight, I did an experiment of sorts. I needed kitty litter; nowhere else was open (or if it was open charged such astronomical prices that I was unwilling to shop there), so I decided that I, staunch anti W person, would go to the palace of my arch enemy (yeah, yeah I'm being melodramatic.. deal with it!) and I would make a bargain with the Devil. I had a twenty dollar bill in my wallet. I could spend it as I would, with no fear of repurcussions or guilt. *looks around guilty* No one would ever have to know.

So I wandered the store, up and down every aisle, I looked at the pretty shoes and the cheap DVDs. I gazed at all the makeup and the bottles of brilliant shampoos. I even scoured the craft section. I allowed myself, nay even encouraged myself, to indulge my every desire. I could buy whatever caught my fancy.

You know what I bought?

A box of tampons** and a red two pocket-folder.

So much for impulse buys.

( * I bought, and I quote, a quart of milk, a twelve pack of double A batteries, a bag of kitty litter, 3 roses, a big jug o' motor oil, & two skeins of yarn)

( ** Lest I alienate my male readership, whoever you might be, I won't delve too much into the topic of tampons. I will say, however, that tampons hardly count as an impulse buy. And the folder? I needed that for American Literature.)

Moira at 12:04 AM :: Comments (3) :: ::

And representing your male readership we promise not to go into testicle scratching.

Posted by: Hashim at September 13, 2004 05:45 PM

Impulse buying is rough... It's hard to come up with things that are "impulsive" sometimes because I like to -not- spend more money than what I allotted for the day. *shrug* I'm awfully strict with that. Maybe I need an impulse buy to spice things up! A box of tampons! Haha...

Posted by: Karissa at September 14, 2004 10:55 AM

hashim - thank you for that.

karissa - i hear ya, karissa... once you have a good grasp on exactly how much money is worth ($24 = four LONG hours at work), you almost hate to spent your hard earned cash.

Posted by: moira at September 21, 2004 10:56 AM
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