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September 1, 2004

Who am I? I am Moira. ;c)

Did you know that the name Moira is the name of the Greek goddess of fate?

It's wild because I have always been fascinated with the spinners of fate, the triple goddess, one spins the thread, one measures, one cuts the thread and ends the life. I have always found the idea of these to be completely fascinating and really cool and now I find that the Greek name for the goddesses of fate is Moirae, or in singular form, Moira. Kickass!

When I was but a wee girl, my online identity was always goddessmoira (do a search, you'll still find shit). Now I know that somehow I knew I was a goddess without really knowing it.

This is supercool:

The Moirae, also known as the Fates

"O Fates of Life, I ask your aid.
To clear my path and set me free." (Prayer to the Fates)

The Greek Goddess of Fate is a daughter of Nyx, Goddess of the Night. In Her singular form, the Goddess of Fate is called Moira1; and in Her triple form She becomes three sisters known as the Moirae. The Moirae are: Klotho the Spinner, who spins the thread of a person's life; Lachesis the Measurer, who decides how much time is to be allowed each person, and Atropos the Cutter, who cuts the thread when you are supposed to die.

The name 'Moira' actually means 'part' and in fact, the triple form of the Fates mimics the triple moon phases and the three phases of life - maiden, mother and crone. Moira is known to the Romans as Fortuna, to the Scandinavians as Norns, to the Anglo-Saxons as Wyrd, and to the Celts as Morrigan. During the middle ages, the Fates became known as the Parcae.

As the spinner of Fate, Moira spins out the days of our lives as yarn and weaves it into a tapestry. The length of the yarn - hence your life span - is decided solely by the Goddess of Fate. All the Gods are subject to the whims of the Fates as are mortal man. Because of this, even though the other Gods are almighty, and supposedly immortal, even Hera has reason to fear Moira2.

Moira's function is to see that the natural order of things is respected and She possesses the gift of prophecy - Her priests and priestesses are always oracles or soothsayers (seers of the future)3. Moira is often accompanied by the Keres (Dogs of Hades), who are three beings with sharp teeth and who are robed in red. In ancient times, the Fates were honored by sacrifices of honey and flowers4.

Moira is associated with December's full moon5 - which is often called the Cold Moon or the Wolf Moon. The colors of Moira are red, black and white.6

(it's from Tarot Cat, which is now defunct.)


1 Kickass!
2 See that? That's power. I hold the gods by the balls.
3 This Moira too.
4 Flowers are always appreciated, and so, for that matter, is honey.
5 My birthday is December 21, the winter equinox, fitting, eh?
6 Those were my high school colors. Go Scotties! Er... Strangely enough, the colors of my first college were also red and black and it seems as if the colors for SHU are the same. Weird.

(anything that uses my name, lets me read about me in third person is superfly, yo)

Moira at 1:54 AM :: Comments (2) :: ::

How lovely to read your words...wonder how many of us are out there? I am a fall equinox child, the solstice children are plentiful as well. Amazing how all names carry a tremendous pulse if energy, but ever moresoe since I have learned of my name's origins. I've never met another Moira so I would be curious to know if a familiar pulse is felt through us all. Thank you again. Bright blessings! -Moira-

Posted by: Moira Haley at September 25, 2004 11:04 PM

hi my name is moira.
most of my life i have known about things before they happen. my mother has herd me. say things before they happen. she actualy noticed before i did. i am very intrested in contacting you

Posted by: moira serle at December 16, 2007 10:58 PM
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