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Born to Write

September 01, 2004

I was born to write.

Here are a few journal entries from my tumultous youth:

January 3, 1989
Dear Journal,
Today was o.k. I almost fell asleep in class. I am going to try to write a book. I can't think of a title, though. Oh, here is my new year's res: I will lose weight and let my nails grow.

even as a kid, i was a writer

January 10, 1990
Dear Journal,
Nothing exciting hapened yesterday so I didn't write. I am making a valentine for Derek and Brad. Brad hasn't written for a while and I don't know if he likes me anymore. What should I do???

nothing ever happened with either of those boys. derek is now married and brad fled the country for venezuala in early 1993. he is now a colombian drug lord.

January 18, 1990
I will send a special valentine to someone but I'll just call him or her x-person. I will never ever tell Melanie anything again. Tomorrow I'll tell you why.
When I have a kid, I won't make her stop practises.

January 19, 1990
You know why? Melanie told the whole western hemisphere who I liked! Grr.

Melanie W. once got bitten by a dog and wore an arm brace for a whole year. Rachel G. stepped on my head at a slumber party at Melanie's house. Melanie was dating a male vampire last time I saw her in LA. Melanie is now a lesbian of the finest order.

February 2, 1990
Dear Journal,
I haven't written for a long time cause I sprained my arm.

my arm healed nicely

February 6, 1990
Yo Journal,
I watched the Hangin' Tuff Concert. It was awesomely cool. I like Jordan Nathaniel Marcel Knight and Donald E. Walburg the best. Joseph Mulrey McIntyre and Jonathan Knight are cool, too. Daniel Woods is o.k. Melanie W. is a totally rejected jerk and idiot.

Even as a child, I was the biggest dork in the world

January 16, 1992
Grr!!! I'm mad today! Joey Rice is such a jerk! He slammed my locker shut, so I shut his. He punched me in the head. He's such an idiot! I'm invited to a party on Saturday and I really don't know if I want to go. I won't know anyone there except for Christina, and I will be really tired. Sometimes I'm so stupid. I get invited to parties but don't want to go. Know why? Because whenever I meet new poeple they more than likely don't like me. Maybe I'll get sick. I hope so.

Joey Rice dropped out of high school in later years. Before that happened, I kicked his English book down the hall, never to be seen by him again. Christina turned into a girl with lots of blue eyeshadow. I think she's a beautician somewhere out there. I still don't like parties.

August 17, 1992
Band camp started today. It was kind of fun. I shared my lunch with April. Forgetful forgot hers. Mr. B. still hasn't finished my flute. I hope he finishes it soon. I need it to play my music. Duh. Well I gotta go.

April is still forgetful and she is still my best friend (wonders never cease!) Mr. D. became "involved" with a student when I was a junior in high school and I'm pretty sure he's not allowed to teach kids anymore.

November 8, 1992
I luv Derek! I couldn't stop my hand from writing that. I can't write for long. I luv, luv, love, amore, luv, love, adore Derek Reed Najewicz.

Derek, if you ever read this: I'm over it. Honest.

December 31, 1993
Wow! Another year over! Time seems to fly so quickly without us realizing it. It seems just yesterday I was an eight grader and best friends with Corinne and in love with Derek. No more my friend! I'm a fifteen year old freshman, have no "best" friends and I don't really like any guys in a boyfriend way. I think I've changed too.

In eighth grade (merely a year ago) I was very immature, wearing a binkie necklace, weird clothes and making a complete ass out of myself. ... I know I've written and probably will write horror stores but I'm not gonna kill anyone. That's stupid and the poeple I write about doesn't nessesarily mean I hate them...

Except I did. And I'm still immature.

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