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The Marvelous Madam Moira

September 01, 2004

Name: Moira Anne Richardson
Age: 25 and counting
Location: Greensburg, PA
D.O.B.: December 21, 1978 (send presents!)
Gender: Female
Major: Creative Writing*
Number of Colleges Attended: 5. Yes. 5.
Colleges Attended:

Youngstown State University '97 - '98
Westmoreland County Community College '98 - '04 (off & on)
Art Institute of Pittsburgh '99 or '00 (for three days)
University of Pittsburgh '00 (1 semester)
Seton Hill University '04 (currently attending)

Virtues: A Wicked Sense of Humor, Mellow-osity, The Amazing Ability to Make Up Words, Silly Attacks, the Gift of Words, Crafty Skillz, Perceptive & Psychic Abilities

Vices: I am a Dart Shark (challenge me?), Obsessive Napper, Mean Streaks, Messy!

Hobbies: Internet, Writing, Naps, Ebay, Mix Cds, Reading, Dreaming, Dream Interpretation, Drawing Comics, Schemin', Movies, Hiking (like I ever have time!), Star-gazing, & Roadtrips.

3 interesting facts:

1 - I have written 2 books: One called "The Evolution of Dreams: Explorations In Human Consciousness" which you can find at the WCCC library & another called "Mr. Right is Dead" which I finished this summer & is currently in the editing stages. I have 4 or 5 novels in progress at any given time. I'm about to start another one about ghost stories in Greensburg. I've written at least 25 short stories and countless poems. One day I'll get all that stuff published. Today is not that day.

2 - I was born in England. I don't have the cool accent, blokes, because I've been living in the states since I was four. My younger sister Fiona was also born in England. My younger brother Robert was born in America and is the only American citizen in my entire extended family. Pretty wild, eh? My sister is moving to England next month (October 4th). I'll be following her next summer for a three-month-long writing experiment. (on my part, not hers).

3 - I have owned several businesses. The first was in 2001 making scented bath salts and other products and selling them online and to friends. That business is now defunct because the mixing of scents was making me ill! The second is still in existence called HempwhereTM. A friend and I made designer hemp necklaces about two summer ago. We travelled to different locations to sell them. Heck, you might even own an original: A store that used to be in Greensburg called Kharisma sold our wares for a while. If you ever see me wearing a hemp necklace, I made it. My latest business venture is Bitchin' Bargains. I scour for bargains on clothes and miscellaneous accessories and sell them online.

* (( Yes. I am currently paying $10,315 a semester in order to get a degree in Creative Writing that will qualify me to do.. um... absolutely nothing. Please don't remind me.))

Moira at 01:01 AM :: Comments (2) :: ::

Your site is wonderful Moira. So colorful it attacks the eyes in an artful way. (I had trouble posting comments in the pink fields...I don't see a submit button).

Anyway, I was dropping a note of encouragement. I bet you'll find a use for that CW major someday. Keep up the great work.

Posted by: Mike Arnzen at March 8, 2005 05:02 PM

LOL! I guess my artful attacks on the eyes are a good thing, eh? ;c) Sorry about the hot pink - I haven't quite figured out how to get rid of that yet. And I think I'll have a use for my major one of these days...

Thanks for the words of encouragement! :c)

Posted by: moira at March 8, 2005 05:21 PM
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