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Cultural Deficiencies

October 10, 2004

I've had a very cultural week! Wednesday night a friend in the theater industry invited me to a production of Les Liasons Dangereuses at the Point Park Conservatory. I went expecting to be a little bored, never having been too much into live theater.

Mine is a generation of special movie effects. Plays bore us. So does everything else. I went because it was free, I didn't have to drive, and, hey, it was something to do. I didn't think I would enjoy it too much beyond laughing in my head at the silly theater majors (no offense, please!!)...

But I was wrong! The play was fantastic and I realize how much I miss out by watching art on television screens rather than right in front of me. I totally got sucked into the story line, though I confess, I kept making Cruel Intentions references inside my head. I admit that my ass felt raw by the end of the show due to the uncomfortable seating arrangements, but I felt certain the chairs were designed as such to prevent anyone from falling asleep. Not that they had to worry about it with this play.

After the play, I felt certain I had gotten PLENTY of culture for the week and I was content to sink back into my non-cultured life when suddenly a friend invited me to Theater Titanik on the North Shore of Pittsburgh last night. It -sounded- really exciting: a bunch of German artists blowing stuff up on the river! What could be wrong about that?

It started at midnight. We left my house at 11 p.m. We get there, drive around for a while to find some parking, walk across the bridge and down into the park where there are, and I couldn't believe it, THOUSANDS of people. Seriously. It was insane. I thought, "Boy, this must be bigger than I thought!"

There's a stage with fire, a big fake looking ship (I assume it was the Titanic) and a bunch of German folks in spandex with foam humpbacks running around. It was very... different. I'm sure that it was truly an amazing expression of art blah blah blah but I just didn't get it. I watched the fire for a while but I couldn't really see over the heads of the thousands of people.

Finally I just wandered away to talk on the phone to my friend, feeling a little bad about being non-cultured and stuff. We left after 45 minutes because as my friend Christopher said we just weren't "emotionally connected" to the performance. I don't know. I mean, I thought I could stand to watch it but suddenly there was a woman with a very large (and fake) ass standing on a podium with an umbrella and a feather boa and all I could think was, "Why is her ass so big?" Oh well.

After the show, I came home and watched Keeping the Faith, a flick starring Edward Norton, Ben Stiller, & Jenna Elfman. It was about a rabbi and a priest who are best friends and the woman who almost comes between them. It was a cuter flick than it sounds, I swear.

Okay, listen... someone please: GIVE ME MOVIE SUGGESTIONS! I need good movies to watch. I like arty foreign weird and non-corporate stuff. Anyone have any good recommendations for me??

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I'm shocked - you're an incredible artist, an even more incredible writer, and you say you're not into theatre and art? We need a serious renaissance here. Sorry..bad pun.

Jokes apart, ever watch Bend It Like Beckham? Monsoon Wedding? The Guru (although, it leaves little to be desired)? I think you'll enjoy those. By the way, if you're watching BILB, please call me over!

Posted by: Neha at October 10, 2004 07:57 PM

I know... it's like a dirty secret of mine! I'm ruined, I think, by too much television as a child! I'm trying to make up for it now by staunchly refusing to watch television... I didn't even -own- a television until a few months ago when my friend insisted that every human being needed to have a television. So now I have one, but I can't find it... buried under piles of laundry and all that jazz. ;c)

I've seen Bend It Like Beckham & it was cute! I wanted to try the curry recipe from the DVD special features but I haven't yet... it's been a long time since I've made curry.. hmmm...

I haven't seen the other two.. I'll put them on my list of movies to look out for as I wander the aisles of the local movie places!

Oh, yeah, so I don't forget: If you and LeChrisha decide to wander Greensburg in search of writerly events on a Saturday or Sunday during the day, I'm there! I was thinking about it and I realized neither one of you is from the area (if I'm not mistaken?) but I am and I think it would be fun! let me know?

Posted by: moira at October 10, 2004 09:12 PM

While I'm on the subject, I have a confession to make: There is an art museum in Greensburg, mere blocks from my house. I have lived in Greensburg for THREE YEARS and I have never once stepped foot inside the museum. Now, I am not saying this in an effort to stagger you with my sheer inability to take advantage of the culture in Greensburg. Instead I am attempting to hold myself accountable for my actions and I am now solemnly vowing to go to the art museum before the end of the year.

Posted by: moira at October 10, 2004 09:16 PM

someday you should try to come out on a monday for the best indian buffet ever. or we can just go get some indian food at my new favorite indian restaurant "taste of india". they have a really good dinner for two deal that would probably feed three or four!

Posted by: cara at October 11, 2004 02:01 PM

yum! that sounds delicious... i'm craving sushi right now.. where's a good place? i went to Taipei last time around

Posted by: moira at October 11, 2004 04:18 PM
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