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October 11, 2004

Coming soon...

Transcending Madness

Target Audience

Writers! Members of Writing for the Internet, members of other SHU English classes, faculty and staff interested in becoming a writer. For the newbie writer. Our audience is currently huddled at their computer monitors waiting desperately for inspiration to strike. Transcending Madness will deliver that inspiration. We get them to sign up by cornering them in the hallways, sign up sheets on the walls, and advertising on the blogs.

Benefit to the Reader

Inspiration. We will offer bits and pieces to spark the budding writer’s creative spirit. We provide information on finding local writers and writer-type gatherings of souls. We pick the minds of published writers in order to find out the illustrious key to publication.


Guerilla Marketing tactics – blogs, events (Write A Novel anyone?), word of mouth, emails sent to those whose student writing we enjoy, asking instructors and/or class members to promote our newsletter in other English classes, fliers and sign up sheets on the walls.

Writing Style

Table of Contents & contact information at the top. Articles broken into small readable chunks of text. Personable friendly style of writing, we want to include everyone, not exclude people.

Use of Medium

Links to writing related sites. Links to community organizations sponsoring events. Links to local bookstores (if they have sites), personalities, etc. Reviews of books and movies including links to related sites. Links to a sign up page for referring friends to our newsletter.

Interested? Leave a comment and we'll send you a sample issue!

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