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October 14, 2004

As you may or may not know, I started writing in this blog as part of fulfilling the course requirements for Writing for the Internet taught by Dr. Jerz. I've since grown to love having my own personal space in the "SHU-blogosphere" and attempt to be an active participant in the online community.

Some of my best writing over the past couple of months has occured directly as a result of this class. The entries that follow are ones that I selected because they best demonstrate my growth as a blogger in terms of depth of coverage, interaction with fellow bloggers, and discussions with my classmates. I hope you'll enjoy reading through this list of my most pertinent entries. Leave a comment! I'd love to hear from you!

A Veritable Best Of Literary Tease

On Writing, For Blogs

This entry offers my interpretation of some of the points made in Writing For The Web by Crawford Killian including five tips to aid your web editing skills.

Trouble, Trouble, Blog & Bubble

This entry discusses the important concept of finding your voice as discussed by Rebecca Blood in The Weblog Handbook. The idea of voice is an important issue for a newbie blog writer to take into consideration. It also offers four pointers for Stayin' Out of Trouble Online.

Personality-Infused Blogging

A chapter in the book Hot Text by Jonathan and Lisa Price gets me thinking about personality on the 'net.

Hex Codes Make Me Happy

A short entry highlighting my true status as a geek of the highest caliber. Includes a link to an online Hex Codes Color Chart.

9/11 - Where Were You?

An entry inspired by a classroom presentation by Ryan sparks my creative fires as I remember that infamous day in recent U.S. history.

I (heart) File-Sharing

Inspired by Leslie's classroom presentation, I search the 'net for answers to the question: How much does a CD cost to make anyway? Includes links to other SHU bloggers who were feeling the heat.

Interactive Fiction

Interactive Fiction is just one example of the innovative ways people are using text on the internet. This entry highlights the barebones basic of IF and offers links to sites that will provide a more detailed look at the subject.

Chatbots Are the Devil!

After Ashley introduced the class to Chatterbots, I decided to find myself a bot with whom to chat. Includes a link to the Chatterbox Challege 2005.

D-U-M-B Spells Oprah

Annoyed at the sheer extravagance of celebrity giving away free cars to audience members while elsewhere in the world people perish in hurricanes, I decide to rant a little. The comments by readers proved to be most enjoyable.

If you blog and no one comments, does that mean no one loves you?? One of the requirements of Writing for the Internet is interaction with our classmates. We are not a classroom of lonely bloggers, writing entries that no one will ever see. We are encouraged to get out there and make contact with our peers. The following entries written by my classmates are just two examples of my personal interactions:

Misheila Pellot's "Across A Sea"

Misheila blogs about her experiencing of moving to America from "the island" and I just have to know "what island?" Our common experience of being new this semester to Seton Hill helps us bond and we are now working on our TranscendingMadness Group Project together.

Melissa Lutz's "Who Knew?"

Melissa blogs about her idea of using Interactive Fiction to create education games for children, and I just have to tell her what I think. (I love the idea!)

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