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Free Lunch at City Deli

October 22, 2004

At this very moment in downtown Greensburg a new business, City Deli, is practising a marketing technique that may prove to be a brilliant visionary tactic, or if the concept fails, a sure step towards the demise of yet-another unsuccessful business venture in Greensburg. The business is City Deli on 124 South Main Street, right next door to St. Vincent de Paul, across the street from Citizen's Bank.

Right now, and until the end of the day, City Deli is giving each and every potential customer who walks in their door a free deli sandwich, no strings attached. When the store opens officially on November 1st, these sandwiches will retail for $5.99. The menu features eight different sandwich varieties on three different types of bread with three choices of cheese.

The sandwich that I received was cold pastrami on rye. When I opened my package upon arriving home, I was shocked to see a sandwich of such massive proportions that it is certain even taking my first bite will be a feat. Hence City Deli's tagline: "Betcha Can't Get Your Mouth Around one!" They ain't lying!

The sandwich consists of three thick sliced pieces of rye bread layered with pastrami, thin sliced onions, swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato.

The woman who waited on me was the one of the owners. When I complimented her on the store's choice of marketing tactics, she grinned and told me that she and her husband had decided to put the money they would have spent on advertising into free sandwiches. I told her that I thought the move was brilliant and that I felt word of mouth advertising was definitely their best bet.

I really hope this bold move pays off for City Deli! I just had to rush home and blog about it in the hopes that I could be a part of the word of mouth chain.

And in case you were wondering how the sandwich tastes: it's delicious! I doubt I'll be able to finish the whole thing in one sitting and I was damn hungry too. And I definitely couldn't get my mouth around it!

Please visit:
124 South Main Street
Greensburg, PA 15601
(724) 830 - 2799

If you missed today's sandwich promotion, never fear: City Deli will be offering the same promotion next week as well. And the store's grand opening is on November 1st.

In case you are wondering if I have any sort of affliation with City Deli and hence the glowing recommendation, I will tell you that I do not. I just happened to be walking by and they gave me a free sandwich. I'm just trying to spread the good karma. Best of luck to City Deli!!

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