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Calling All Ghostbusters

October 27, 2004

Feeling Haunted? Have a supernatural experience that you are dying to share? Have you visited a haunted location in the Greensburg area? Have you experienced the paranormal in your life? Have you ever seen a ghost? Have you been haunted by spirits? Do you have weird tales of Ouija boards? Anything else freaky that you'd like to share?

I wanna hear about it! I -know- we've got some SHU ghost stories, but I'm also interested in anything in Greensburg and the surrounding areas. You don't have to believe that the story is true; I just wanna hear about it!

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Feeling Haunted?


Moira at 02:38 PM :: Comments (1) :: ::

Does this count for those south of the mason-dixon line too?

Posted by: Hashim at October 27, 2004 09:23 PM
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