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Update: Car Buying Stats

October 27, 2004

Yesterday I wrote about my quest to find a car. Today I found a car that *seems* perfect:

A 1985 Volkswagen Jetta

It's cherry red (yay!), automatic (eh!), only 133,000 original miles (so says the owner but I'm going to get the VIN in order to check on that one), one owner (ditto), cared for by an anal-retentive owner (his words, not mine). At $1500 it seems almost too good to be true. $1500 is awful pricey for a 1985 car -but- if everything that the dude tells me is true, it will be worth it.

Anyone have experience with Jettas?

Everything I've read about the '85 Jetta (on Epinions & Car Survey) suggests that the car is a good one. I'm a little worried about the fact that the parts are pricey (being German 'n all) but other than that I'm pretty excited about my test drive on Friday. Wish me luck!

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My mom owned a mid 80'2s Jetta once and I can tell you that she didn't have ANY problems with it till she tried to teach my aunt how to drive it (it was a stick) As a rule of thumb if you run into someone who is selling a car that is older than 10 years and they want more than 1500 for then it "should" be reliable (meaning they should be able to explain how is this cars is still running well, what they had replaced, and what re-occuring problems it had/has) Also as a consumer you have the right to have their car inspected by a mechanic of YOUR choice (so long as the parties can agree how to arrange the situation) You can tell someone is on the level if they agree complately and try not to talk you outta it. As for a mechanic you should be able to take it to any garage and have them look over it really quickly to see if there's any red flags. Some mechanics may do it for free some may charge a little (pay no more than $60 if you must if you want a tighter inspection). Also as much as I hate to say this,...I mean really hate because too many people have proven this to be true, but take a man with you if time (and money) is a important factor. For some strange reason there's this common misconception that women don't know jack about cars and I've heard too many fustraiting tales where people try to take advantage of a lady because of this generalization(same goes with dealing with mechanics). Hell the guy you take doesn't have to know much either but most people aren't as eager to do that with a dude. I can remember going car shopping with my mom and she'd get REALLY pissed if the sales people kept trying to speak to me instead of her, but maybe it just a southern thing. I dunno, that's all I can think of for now.

Posted by: Hashim at October 27, 2004 09:19 PM
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