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A Decidedly Pro-Kerry Argument

November 02, 2004

Today is an exciting day! I've -never- been into politics; most years I couldn't have cared less which pasty white man won the election. I mean, seriously, for the most part, the election of the president has had little to no effect on my life. This year, however, is different.

This election, I feel, will prove to be monumental not just in United States history but in general world history. This election, if you'll pardon my non-French, is a big fucking deal. I hope that everyone out there who has the right to vote is exercising that right!

I think Americans really take our rights for granted in this country. We have freedoms never seen by nations of other human beings but we get so caught up in playing the cultivating material possessions game that most of us never even realize how good we have it. Yes, a lot of negative things can be said about the United States government and about the state of our fair country, but the truth is that we have it damn good in America.

We might not have the right to alter our consciousness through our choice of substance or to truly control what goes in (or out) of our bodies. Yes, women make 76 cents on the dollar to what a man earns for the same work. But we have it good:

We can go to sleep at night without experiencing the fear that a bomb might be dropped on our home while we are in dreamland. We can go to sleep at night without fearing that soldiers with guns will barge into our home demanding a place to sleep. We can go to sleep at night without fearing that our children will be taken away because of our holding an opinion that differs from our government.

We have it damn good. So, I urge you: keep it that way!

Exercise your right to hope or you might as well give your rights away. And none of that third party voting either - it's a nice idea in theory that anyone from any party can run for president but you know and i know that the truth is this: we have two choices - the current President, Mr. George Bush, or the hopeful challenger Mr. John Kerry. A vote for a third party candidate is the exact same thing as giving your vote away.

Now, I have been trying to not push my opinion on anyone this election - I have pushed voting on my friends but I have not pushed a candidate. As a citizen of the United Kingdom, I do not have the right to vote in this country, and therefore, I do not have the right to an opinion as to who you, American citizen, should vote for in this election. However, I am an interested party, since I do live in this country, and I have done a lot of research just for my own benefit. Besides, if you haven't formulated an educated opinion by now, you might never decide.

So I have to push John Kerry. Not because I think John Kerry is such a stellar candidate for president - there are things I like about Kerry and things that I don't - but because he's NOT BUSH.

You cannot make peace by starting war. The idea is so contradictory in nature that I can't even believe that people buy it! It would be like me walking into a convienence store with a shotgun and saying that I just wanted to make SlurpeeMart a safer place. It's bullshit, pure and simple.

Do you know how much the president makes every year? $400,000. Do you know how much George Bush made from this war so far? $2.5 million dollars. Do you honestly thing the war is being fought in the name of all-holy democracy? I don't.

So as a nice Republican fellow I met this weekend stated when I asked who he'd be voting for, "Anyone but Bush."

It's not a great argument for John Kerry but I think it will win him the election, not that we'll have any idea who actually wins the election until next month. You remember the Florida shit from last year's election? This year's election is going to be a circus! It will be even worse than last year because people are watching it! I almost wish I had cable television so I could watch the shit go down. You'll have to keep me posted. And in the meantime, get out there and VOTE! :c)

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Amen to that! q:

Posted by: Evan at November 2, 2004 07:56 PM
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