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Politikally Obsessed?

November 02, 2004

Oh, man, this election is killing me! I don't have television, right, (and for good reasons, mind you) so I have to get my information online. I was using the links from AOL (sad but true) to get the update information. And AOL has George W. winning by a landslide! [as of 10:49 p.m.] I'm like, oh man, doing calculations with all the remaining big electoral states, like Pennyslania (K), Calfornia (no results), Michigan & Ohio (too close to tell, but leaning for Bush) and suddenly I think: wait a minute! I'm letting AOL dictate the information that I am receiving? Oh no, this is not a good idea. So I pull up google and starting looking around -

The New York Times has Kerry winning by a landslide! [as of 10:51 p.m.] How can this be? It's the same election, right? This doesn't make any sense! Okay, I'm sure there will be concise number available *eventually* with final tallies, aside from the to-be-expected challenges and arguments. But for right now, I gotta keep searching because one thing tells me this and another one tells me something else all together. But try this on for size:

How would this be for the irony of all ironies: George W. gets the popular vote while John Kerry walks home with the electoral college? Wouldn't that be a kicker? It would serve of G.W. right for last time. ;c)

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