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Legal Counsel Rocks

November 12, 2004


Congratulations to the 75.3% of people who passed the July 2004 Bar Examination in New York City, including my friends Kevin Hickman & Sandra Fried. So don't mess with me, yo, I have legal counsel! ;c)

"Successful Bar Candidates
July 2004 Bar Examination
As of: Friday, November 12, 2004 10:57:38 AM

Listed below are the names of successful candidates from the July 2004 New Jersey Bar Examination. Of the 3265 candidates who sat for this examination, results have been mailed to 3216 candidates. The balance will receive their results after correcting deficiencies in their applications. Of the 3265 applicants who sat, 2459 or 75.3 % passed."

Check it

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